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IH Barcelona ELT Conference, February 3-4, 2017

English language teaching conference for teachers of English to adults, children & business students, language teaching managers and directors, and teacher trainers

With the support of the IATEFL Leadership and Management SIG and the Departament de l'Ensenyament de la Generalitat de Catalunya


Sessions confirmed (with many more still to come!)

ELT Conference 2016

Scott Thornbury gives his plenary at our 2016 Conference. And he's back with a plenary session in 2017, for a 12th consecutive year!

Communicative language teaching: forty years on

Scott Thornbury

Scott ThornburyIt is 50 years since Dell Hymes first coined the term ‘communicative competence’ and it took only another ten before the concept became the foundation of a new approach to second language teaching. Forty years on, where is the communicative approach? Are the goals of language teaching still communicative competence? If so, what happened to the idea that ‘you learn to communicate by communicating’?

In this talk I shall review the core concepts that inspired CLT, and trace how they were developed and then – through want of a coherent learning theory – abandoned. Betrayed, even. I will argue that it is well past time that we revisited the foundational principles of CLT and argue that there are now good grounds – including a coherent theory of learning (or two) – to rehabilitate it.

Scott ThornburyScott Thornbury is currently curriculum coordinator on the MA TESOL program at The New School in New York (but he lives mainly in Spain). Prior to that he spent his entire EFL career with IH: in the UK, Egypt, and Spain, as well as visiting scores of affiliates worldwide.


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David Graddol



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Sarah Mercer



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Silvana Richardson



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Andy Hockly


AndyAndy is a freelance educational management consultant and teacher trainer based in deepest Transylvania.

After 11 years of teaching English worldwide, he obtained an MA in International and Intercultural Management. Subsequently he worked as a project manager at the School for International Training, including participating in the curriculum working party that developed the International Diploma in Language Teaching Management (IDLTM).

He has been coordinating and training on the IDLTM since its inception in 2001. He is co-author of From Teacher to Manager (CUP, 2008) and author of Educational Management (Polirom, 2007).

He is also a long time committee member of the Leadership and Management SIG in IATEFL.

Language, learning and the creative mind

Antonia Clare Co-author of Total English and Speakout

AntoniaLearning a language is an inherently creative task. The learner doesn't simply repeat words, phrases and grammar they’re exposed to, but adapts that language to construct new meanings, relevant to their own lives. Creative intelligence contributes positively to the language learning process, and a creative disposition is a quality that characterises effective teachers and students (Richards, 2013).

This talk examines the value of creativity in the language learning process and explores ideas for engendering creativity in our learners, and ourselves.

Seven ways to boost your learners' confidence

Although speaking in English is invariably something that learners want to do, many find that lack of confidence remains a barrier to their learning.

This session will look at possible causes for this reticence and demonstrate motivating practical activities to help boost learners' confidence to become better English speakers.

AntoniaAntonia Clare is an English language teacher trainer, international conference speaker and award-winning materials writer. Her special interests include the use of video and new technologies in ELT, creativity and the psychology of language learning. She has taught and trained in many countries around the world, and co-authored successful course book titles including Total English and Speakout.


Job descriptions, and their usefulness beyond... just describing the job.

Ferran Velasco

FerranIf you think that a job description is a mere list of tasks, you are missing most of its potential usefulness. In this practical session we will look at how to write good job descriptions, and most importantly, we will see how instrumental they can be in avoiding common organizational and interpersonal problems, and also how job descriptions will help manage these problems effectively should they arise.

This talk is suitable for Directors, Directors of Studies and anyone involved in people management.

FerranFerran is an Industrial Engineer with 23 years of experience in managerial positions in both multinational and family business environments. His experience gained in roles such as Business Unit Leader, Global Director of Product Manager, and Sales and Marketing Director has been complemented with extensive management and leadership trainings at ESADE Business School and Wharton University of Philadelphia. After completing a Master of Research in Management Sciences at ESADE Business School, he is currently taking a PhD in Leadership, also at ESADE.

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Gerard McLoughlin International House Barcelona


GerardGerard currently works as a CELTA and DELTA trainer at IH Barcelona and is a co-author of Next Generation, a Bachillerato coursebook. He has also written several teacher books for McGraw Hill (Platform) and Heinle (Outcomes). He is a board member of TESOL-SPAIN as Online Resources Officer and Webmaster. He is also an ambassador for the Disabled Access Friendly campaign.

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Jenny Johnson


JennyJenny has spent many years as a volunteer in various roles for IATEFL, most recently as Coordinator of the Leadership and Management Special Interest Group.

She is delighted to be invited back again to IH Barcelona to form part of the LAM strand!

What learners want

Jessica Mackay Escola d'Idiomes Moderns, University of Barcelona

JessicaMany everyday decisions such as whether or not to use a course book, or the employment of native or local English teachers are often justified by claiming this is ‘what learners want’. But have we actually asked our learners what they prefer?

This talk reports on classroom enquiry into learner beliefs and expectations and will introduce teachers to techniques which elicit their students’ ideas and attitudes.

JessicaJessica has worked as an EFL teacher for 25 years, the last 20 at the at the Escola d'Idiomes Moderns, of the University of Barcelona. She has the DELTA, an MA and a PhD in Applied Linguistics.

She writes and presents on the subject of classroom research and motivation in ELT.


Teaching teenagers

Lynn Durrant International House Barcelona

LynnThis talk will focus on ways to stimulate output from the learners and how to develop curiosity through appropriate activity types when teaching this age group.

LynnLynn Durrant is Head of Young Learners Teacher Training at IH Barcelona. She is also an educational consultant for Cambridge English Teacher Young Learners and speaker for CUP.

Over the last few years she has been working on various projects with different publishers as a freelance writer.

Her published material includes Next Generation (CUP) and a 6 level Primary course for 6 level BBC Worldwide.

Know the routine

Mark Ormerod

MarkA lot has changed in the teaching of young learners over recent years: the approach, the method, the curriculum, the level, the jargon. Technology has changed. Even the children have changed! But there's one thing that remains a constant: lessons run more smoothly when children know what to expect and what’s expected of them. When young learners know the routine, there is more time for meaningful instruction and learning.

In this workshop, we look at some fresh and original routines that work well in the contemporary classroom - routines for today's young learners.

For teachers of 8 to 14 year olds.

MarkMark is a practising EFL teacher. He is also a teacher trainer and ELT materials writer. Originally from the UK, he has lived and taught abroad for more than 25 years. In Barcelona, he has taught at International House, at C.I.C. and at Merit School.

Head of Teacher Training for Macmillan Iberia between 2001 and 2005, Mark has since gone on to collaborate with Macmillan in the production of teaching resources. He is co-author of the highly success Primary School courses Tiger and Find Out! He has also written several books in the series of Macmillan Children’s Readers, as well as the holiday workbook series, Holiday World.

Classroom management: engaging young learners

Pere Cortiella Institució Cultural del CIC

PereAcquiring good group management skills might well be one the most difficult challenges facing teachers of Young Learners, but it is also what is going to make our lessons smooth and pleasant rather than rough and problematic.

This talk is for teachers of children around the ages of 3 to 8 and it will look at the different class dynamics necessary to create a positive atmosphere and therefore enhance the students learning experience.

PerePere studied in the University of Edinburgh, has a master’s degree on Education, speaks 4 languages and teaches on our Very Young Learners course. He has taught English to children, teens and adults for over 13 years specializing in young learners in several different schools in the Barcelona area. He is the coordinator for Young Learners in ICCIC, runs many teacher training courses for the Generalitat de Catalunya and has also co-authored 4 books for primary students published by Mosquito Books BCN.

  Pere on About.me

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Roger Hunt International House Barcelona


RogerRoger works at IH Barcelona. He has been a teacher, teacher trainer and educational manager for over thirty years, and has worked in many parts of the world. He is particularly interested in Ancient and Medieval History (yes, there is a life outside ELT!).

Title to be confirmed

Rosie Burke International House Sabadell


RosieRosie used to work for Cambridge English Language Assessment as presenter and inspector. She left the Extraescolars Department at IH Barcelona in 2013 to take up the position of Director of IH Sabadell. Recently, she has been giving classes to English teachers through the Grup d'Experimentació per al Plurilingüisme for the Generalitat.

Title to be confirmed

Vicki Anderson International House Barcelona


VickiVicki has been an EFL teacher since 1983. She teaches regularly as well as being a teacher trainer on mainly DELTA courses. She has spent the last few years writing workbooks for CUP for ESO and Bachillerato. The latter, Next Generation, is already out, while the new Secondary title is due to be launched next year. Vicki has given workshops about a wide range of issues, based on her experience of working with teachers and learners.


Confirmed speakers include:

Andy Hockly
Antonia Clare
David Graddol (plenary)
Ferran Velasco
Gerard McLoughlin
Jenny Johnson
Jessica Mackay
Lynn Durrant
Mark Ormerod
Mary Whiteside
Pere Cortiella
Roger Hunt
Rosie Burke
Sarah Mercer (plenary)
Scott Thornbury (plenary)
Silvana Richardson (plenary)
Vicki Anderson


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