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Our trainees

Many of the trainees on our CELTA and CELTYL courses (over 270 in the last year) come to Barcelona specifically to take the course.

A majority come from the UK - like Tim, below. But we also have a lot from the US, like Ed and Carolyn, below. Others come from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other countries in Europe. While roughly 70% are under the age of 30 (in the last year nearly 40% under 25), we also have a considerable number of mature students.

After the course, many of our trainees then find jobs locally and stay on in Barcelona.

Full-time DELTA trainees also often come to Barcelona specially to take the course, whereas trainees on the part-time course tend to be people who are already working in or near Barcelona.

Those attending workshops also tend to be people living and working in or around Barcelona, some of whom travel a considerable distance to attend.

Three recent CELTA trainees:

EdEd (right): "Not too far into a capital 'C' career, I had a bit of a panic that I would end up retiring without ever realising my dream of living abroad.

"After I realised that my native language was my most portable skill set, the CELTA was a clear choice, IH was a name that I had heard and felt I could trust, and Barcelona... Well, let's say it's everything people say it is - and more.

"Among everything else, I think the most important thing I learned on the course was how to critique my own teaching.

"A year into teaching in Barcelona this continues to serve me well."

CarolynCarolyn (right): "I was working as an elementary school teacher in a New York City suburb. I wanted a change, to travel, to learn Spanish... and to learn more about English as a language, too.

"I really enjoyed the course, particularly the parts which involved looking at language, and it was especially useful to me to consider how to present it to adults.

"Like most teachers, I now find myself with classes of both teenagers and adults.

"What qualities do you need to be a teacher? I think you have to keep an open mind, and it's as much about being a 'people person' - being a good listener and being able and willing to help people, to help them understand - as anything else. For me, that's the satisfaction of being a teacher..."

TimTim (right): "I was working in a bookshop in Guildford, and not really doing very much, when a friend recommended me the CELTA course at IH Barcelona. I had a little teaching experience and wanted to travel, and it seemed like a good idea.

"It was a very good course and gave me everything I needed to start a career as a teacher. Afterwards I got a job in IH and am now teaching lower intermediate to advanced, with a range of ages from teenagers to adult learners.

"For anyone thinking of doing what I did, I'd say that it's important to ask yourself whether you think you can stand up in front of a group of people. If you can, I think this course gives you the best possible start."

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