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Spanish in Barcelona

Spanish in Barcelona blog

The posts on Spanish in Barcelona will be of interest to anyone studying Spanish with us (or to anyone with an interest in the city). Topics include:

Partly in English, partly in Spanish.


Technology for language learning

Our "Technology for language learning" blog aims to provide useful links and easy, ready-to-use activities for class. It includes:

All content is in English.

Formación ELE

Formación ELE

On our Formación ELE blog, we post practical ideas for Spanish teachers to use in class with their learners. Our regular topics include:

Content is in Spanish.

Mundo ELE

Mundo ELE

On Flipboard, Mundo ELE isn't strictly speaking a blog but has lots of links to articles and ideas for class that will be useful to Spanish teachers.

  • Classroom activities
  • Articles on methodology, etc
  • News of events for Spanish teachers

Content in Spanish.


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