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Almost free Spanish lessons for adults

Spanish class at IH Barcelona

The Spanish teacher training department at IH Barcelona offers almost free Spanish lessons for adults on Spanish courses taught by its trainee Spanish teachers. The classes are observed by the course tutor/s.

In order to obtain a place on a course, a level test is necessary, details of which are given below:


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Test Times of class Dates of classes
August 07 at 15.00 Mon—Thurs, 14.00—16.00 August 13—30
Sepetember 18 at 10.00 Mon—Thurs, 09.30—11.30 October 1—18
October 02 at 15.00 Mon—Thurs, 14.00—16.00 October 8—25
October 16 at 18.00 Mon—Thurs, 18.00—20.00 October 29—November 15
October 30 at 10.00 Mon—Thurs, 09.30—11.30 November 12—29
November 06 at 15.00 Mon—Thurs, 14.00—16.00 November 12—29
December 04/12 at 10.00 Mon—Thurs, 09.30—11.30 January 7—25

Other Spanish courses

Our Spanish Department also offers a full range of Spanish courses for foreigners.

Full details can be found on the Spanish Department website.


€40 per course

Each course lasts 3 weeks, with 2 hours of class a day, Monday to Thursday (a total of 24 hours of class).


Please note that the level test does not guarantee a place on the course.

This also depends on the level you demonstrate on the oral exam and on availability of places.

Call us on 93 268 70 81 for further information


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