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Cursos para jóvenes

English courses for Young Learners

CORONAVIRUS We are hoping to return to face-to-face courses from October

Our courses

At IH Barcelona we divide our learners into levels according to their ages and the level of their English:

Ps (4 to 8)

Anglès per als mes petits

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6-8 year olds: 2 hours a week, in 2 one-hour sessions. Maximum 10 per class.

4-5 and 5-6 year olds: 1.5 hours a week. in two 45m sessions. Maximum 8 per class.

Kids (8 to 10)

8 a 10 anys)

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2 hours a week, in 2 one-hour sessions.

Maximum 10 per class.

Juniors (11 to 13)

11 a 13 anys

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3 hours a week, in two 90-minute sessions.

Maximum 12 per class.

Teens (14 to 17)

Cursos d'anglès per a joves

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2.5 hours one day a week or 3 hours a week in two 90-minute sessions.

Maximum 12 per class.

Learning English is important for your kids' future

Petra And, because it is, we hire only the best teachers, trained specifically to teach English as a second or foreign language at the many different levels we offer.

The classes are in small groups and totally in English from Day 1.

Learning a language at International House will be a fun, gratifying experience. Our young learners will find themselves in a stimulating, motivating environment, where they'll be actively participating in every class.

Petra Smythe, Cap del nostre departament de Young Learners

Calendar 2020-21

1st Term
October 2–December 22 2020

2nd Term
January 7–March 27 2021

3rd Term
April 6–June 23 2021




Monday to Friday, 09.00–21.00
Saturdays, 10.00–13.00

Level tests
When you can take your test

How to enrol


How we evaluate progress

The methodology we use is project-based learning, which motivates young learners to use English as a means of communication from the word “go”.

For Kids, Juniors and Teens we have short, termly progress tests.

Parents get progress reports and we have parent/teacher meetings in February or March.

Cambridge English exams for Young Learners

From the age of 8, children can (optionally) take Cambridge English exams, which we run in-school.

The Young Learners tests are a great way to stimulate children’s learning and to see how they are progressing.

For children aged 8 to 12 there are two possible tests, Starters and Movers. They are practical, with a fun element that keeps young learners motivated without putting them under undue stress. Everyone gets a diploma showing what level they have reached in Listening, Reading & Writing and Speaking.

These first tests are a natural step to prepared young learners for the challenges of the examinations designed for university students and adults that come later (KET, PET, First Certificate and Advanced), which are recognsed around the world.


Nivels cursos de jovenes

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Summer courses

Cursos de estiu

Ages 11+
July 2 to 13 and/or July 16 to 27
2 or 4 weeks

Summer camps


Ages 6-17
Summer camps with English and adventure sports in Spain and Andorra

Courses abroad


Ages 9+
English courses abroad for young learners (Britain, Ireland, the USA and Canada...)



English Competition for Catalan Schools


Cambridge English exams IELTS Tests Barcelona Eaquals


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