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English through Current Affairs

About the course

Our "Modern World" course is designed for post-CAE students (Level C2) who want to maintain their level of English in a non-exam orientated class and who are also interested in what's happening in the world today.

This is a very participative course so students will have a lot of input regarding the course content and direction.

Classes will be focused on themes related to "The Modern World" – we'll be looking at the media in all its forms and how current issues are dealt with and what the current trends are in our society.

  • Polish up your English through lively discussion on the contemporary events and issues that affect all our lives.
  • Take a look at the English-speaking world through news programmes, film and TV.
  • Select the different ways you would like to maintain your English from a wide range of materials.


Course details 2020-21

  • October 6–June 22
  • Tuesdays 19.30–21.25
  • Minimum level Post-CAE
  • Minimum age 18
  • €100 per month; or €272 per term



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