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Summer courses

English summer courses 2019

Our superintensive summer courses allow you to do up to 100 hours of English in a month.

For Pre-Elementary and Elementary you have our English Foundations courses and, from Pre-Intermediate upwards, the Premium English courses include the option to take an IELTS test at the end of the course.

General English courses

Super intensive English

Super-intensive English courses

100 hours, 5 hours a day


  • July 1–26
  • August 5–30
  • September 2–27

Monday to Friday, 09:00–13:55 or 16:00–20:55


  • English Foundations: Pre-Elementary and Elementary
  • Premium English: Pre-Intermediate to Advanced 2

Price: 970€. Includes enrolment for the IELTS Test for Premium English courses.

Our superintensive courses allow you to learn the maximum possible in the minimum amount of time.

Make the most of the summer and ensure you really get ahead fast with your English!

Business English

Business English courses

2.5 hours a day


  • July 1–25
  • September 2–26

Monday to Thursday, 16.00–18.25 or 19.00–21.25

All levels

Price: €395

An engaging, dynamic course designed for people who want to focus on the English they need for the world of work.

The course has a 100% practical focus on areas of English such as job interviews, telephone conversations, sending and answering email, participating in meetings and making presentations.

Focus on Communication


2.5 hours a day


  • July 1–25
  • August 5–29
  • September 2–26

Monday to Thursday, 08.00-10.25 or 16.00-18.25 or 19.00-21.25

Levels: All

Price: €395

A course that will give you lots of practice that will help you improve your communication skills in English.

You will have intensive speaking and listening practice, and also be reading and writing texts for real, communicative purposes.

Conversation Club

Conversation Club

3 hours/week

Pre- or Upper-Intermediate


  • July 1–24
  • September 2–25

Monday and Wednesday: 14.30-15.55 or 18.30-19.55

Intermediate or Advanced


  • July 2–25
  • September 3–26

Tuesday and Thursday: 14.30-15.55 or 18.30-19.55


Price: 1 month: €135 €; 2 months: €255

A course designed to help you maintain your English.

Come and enjoy talking about interesting current affairs!

Courses preparing you for Cambridge and IELTS exams

Cambridge English exam courses

Designed by our expert English language trainers, these courses focus on helping you pass your exam either in July or September.

First Certificate B2 (FCE)

Courses to prepare you for July (exam 25/07) or September (exam 27/09).

July sitting
Date of exam: July 25
Enrolment deadline: June 23

Preparation course
5 hours a day
July 1–24
Monday to Friday 09.00-13.55 or 16.00-20.55

Revision and practice course
2.5 hours a day
July 11–24
Monday to Friday 16.00 – 18.25

September (computer-based)
Date of exam: September 27
Enrolment deadline: September 15

Revision and practice course
September 12–26
Monday to Friday 16.00-18.25

Advanced C1 (CAE)

Courses to prepare you for July (exam 24/07) or September (exam 21/09).

July examination
Date of exam: July 24
Enrolment deadline: June 23

Preparation course
5 hours a day
July 1–23
Monday to Friday 09.00-14.10 or 16.00-21.10

Revision and practice course
July 10–23
Monday to Friday 16.00-18.25

September (computer-based)
Date of exam: September 21
Enrolment deadline: September 8

Revision and practice course
September 6–20
Monday to Friday 16.00-18.25


IH Barcelona is an Authorised Platinum Centre for Cambridge Assessment English examinations. Both our own students and external students can take exams with us.

IELTS tests

With 3.5 million tests taken in 2018, IELTS is the most popular high-stakes English language test in the world for higher education, work and global migration.

Our 12-hour courses provide you with the preparation you'll need for success in IELTS.

Courses in July, August and September

Sittings: July 6 and 27; August 17 and 24; September 7 and 28.

More about IELTS



To reserve a place in advance, it is necessary to leave a €80 deposit, which will be discounted from the course fees. The remaining fees must be paid at least 15 days before the course begins.

If payment has not been made by the appropriate date, the place on the course and the deposit paid will be lost.

Level tests

NOTE The school reserves the right to close or not to open a course if there is not a minimum of 5 students in the group.

View all the conditions you accept when you enrol.


off for two or more students of the same family (parents and children)

off for students of single parent or large families

The corresponding documents must be presented on the day of matriculation. Discounts cannot be applied afterwards.

These discounts cannot be accumulated with others.

Summer 2019

Summer courses

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Private classes

Private English lessons in Barcelona

Available all year round. Made-to-measure timetables.
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Courses abroad

Courses abroad

The UK, Ireland, Canada, the USA...? Or Australia or South Africa, perhaps? Where do YOU want to learn YOUR English...?

Courses for young learners

Summer courses for young learners

Ages 11 to 16
July 2–13 and/or 16–27
2 or 4 weeks

All our English courses

All our English courses in Barcelona

All our English courses in Barcelona -- for children, teenagers and adults.

Net Languages Essential

Net Languages Essential English courses

Online courses
A choice of a complete (100-130 hours) or half level (60 hours).

Available all year round.

Complete level: €105 | Half level: €58

Net Languages Premium

Net Languages Premium English courses

Online English courses
Each complete level contains 100-130 hours of study material and 10 hours of tutorials

A half level gives you 60 hours of material and 5 hours of tutorials.

Available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Complete level: €420 | Half level: €230

Online English courses

An excellent alternative for people who can't come to us and who need a completely flexible timetable. You decide how fast YOU want to learn!



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