Learn Spanish - user's guide

NOTE You can also read this page in Spanish.

In its original, e-mail newsletter format, Learn Spanish is designed to be read straight through, from beginning to end. Here, however, there are alternative ways to navigate it, although we suggest the following...

Each new newsletter we post on this site has a start page that looks like this:

The start page lists the contents of the current issue, from which you can pick what interests you most.

We suggest that you decide whether or not your level of Spanish is intermediate or advanced, and begin with the reading text.

We provide you with a certain amount of help with words we think you might find difficult: click on the words underlined in the text for a glossary:

For further help with vocabulary, this list of online Spanish dictionaries may be useful to you. Remember that you can have more than one browser window open at the same time, and flick from one to the other, from the exercise to the dictionary and back, for example.

As shown the example below, having read the text (1), and answered the comprehension questions that accompany it (2), you can then click on the links at the foot of the page (3) to go to the associated vocabulary questions.

The vocabulary questions are designed to reinforce and extend some of the things you have seen in the text, but we suggest that you read the text first, because we think that it is important to encounter new words in context.

Finally, you then have further sections on register, writing and, in many of the issues, as short section on some of the differences between the Spanish spoken in Spain, and the Spanish spoken in Latin America.

Note that at any point, you can return to the start page of each issue for a list of its contents by clicking on the "Índice" (index) link at the top of the page, shown below:

You can also use the complete list of contents for all issues if you want to select particular items, eg. of Spanish vocabulary, to work on.

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