What else can I do to improve my Spanish?

Take a Spanish course, in Spain

For most people, the best way to learn any language, not just Spanish, is to be in the country itself, and for as long as possible.

Once there, again for most people, the most efficient way to learn is with a teacher, who will help you over a lot of the difficulties of learning a new language.

That means that you want a course that suits you and your needs, and at IH Barcelona we offer a full range of Spanish courses to choose from. For anyone with very particular needs, private tuition is always an interesting option.

What else can you do, apart from a course?

However, there are other ways in which you can learn Spanish (or any language, for that matter), either in addition to a course, or instead of one.

We suggest the following:

On the Internet...

  • Reading in Spanish. Reading extensively is probably the best way to improve both your comprehension and your vocabulary. A good Spanish newspaper website is a good place to begin - and visit regularly.
  • Change the default start page of your browser. Having your browser open on a Spanish news site every time you log on to the Internet is a good idea, with the Spanish version of Yahoo! being one possibility. When your browser opens, pick what looks like the most interesting headline, and read that article. It will take you less than five minutes a day but, over time, will make a big difference to your Spanish.
  • Find Spanish websites on subjects that interest you, and visit them regularly. What's important is that you do read - it doesn't really matter what you read, and you're more likely to make the effort to read things that interest. On our links pages, we think you will find something at least that does.
  • Note that, if you really want to do a course, we also offer online Spanish courses.

If you are already here in Spain...

  • Read a Spanish newspaper. Nowadays, if you are here in Spain, there's no excuse for not reading a newspaper as they are given away free on the streets every morning. Another advantage of papers like 20Minutos and Metro is that the articles are generally very short - which makes them easier for you to read.
  • Be a couch potato - or spend lots of time in the cinema! You want lots of listening comprehension practice - and hours and hours of television are great for that.
  • Try some of these ideas for learning new vocabulary.
  • Find out more about what learning strategies work for some of the Spanish students learning Spanish here at IH Barcelona

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