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Work experience Barcelona internship programme

If you are a full-time student with an intermediate level of Spanish (or above) you are eligible to attend our Spanish internship programme.

About the programme

Not available in 2020

This programme combines a 4-week (or longer) intensive Spanish course with a 12-week (or longer) work experience programme in a company based in or near Barcelona.

During the internship you are expected to work a full 38-hour week and these positions are normally not paid.

However, they do provide you with the ideal opportunity to practice and develop your Spanish skills in a professional environment, and you will also develop a number of work-related skills and competencies.

Work experience of this kind can obviously be an invaluable addition to your CV.


The educational institution which you are attending in your home country will be asked to sign a statement confirming that you are following a full-time study programme and that the period of work placement is a necessary component of this programme.


When can you begin?

If you are interested in an internship programme you should apply at least 3 months in advance of your preferred starting date. This will provide us with plenty of time to find a suitable company prepared to offer the work experience component.

Note A large proportion of Spanish companies close in August and this needs to be taken into account when planning the programme.

Course prices

  • 12-week (or longer) internship: €600 + cost of Spanish course

What is included

The price of the course includes the pre-course level test, all course materials, our programme of social and cultural activities; and access to all the school's facilities, including free Internet usage, as well as company placement advice and supervision during the training period.

The school's facilities include free access to our online Spanish courses for the duration of your stay.

Prices valid until December 31st, 2019.

No hidden extras

NO booking fee

NO charge for course materials

NO other hidden extras !!!

Accommodation fees are separate.


Accommodation in Barcelona

Pick the accommodation that suits you best for your stay in Barcelona: we offer Spanish host families, shared flats or student residence (and you can obviously also arrange your own accommodation and just take a course with us).


You should indicate on your application form which sector or industry you are interested in working in (e.g. tourism, insurance, architecture, etc.). We will then do our best to find a position in a company working in your preferred field.

Please note that the more specialised the request, the more difficult it is to find a suitable company. Similarly, if you are prepared to be flexible, finding a company willing to offer work experience will normally be relatively quick and straightforward.

When applying for an internship you should send us a copy of your CV, together with a recent photo. You should also write a letter in English and/or Spanish explaining why you are interested in taking this program.

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