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Online Spanish courses

Tutored courses

Each online Spanish course (or level) consists of 120-150 hours of study materials and includes individual tutorials with qualified language instructors, most of whom are themselves IH teachers.

The interactive materials (which you can study online or download and study offline at home) allow you to improve all your language skills. You can practise your grammar as well as your reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Every module includes emails and voicemails to your personal tutor - who provides corrections and comments on your progress.

You can also chat to other students, post messages and use all the other additional resources of the virtual language school.

Untutored courses

Our online Spanish courses are also available without a tutor, which gives you full access to all the interactive course material.

FREE course

Include with our intensive Spanish courses, you have 6 months free access to one of our online Spanish courses.

And while you're taking a face-to-face Spanish course with us in Barcelona, you also have free access to our untutored online courses in our computer room, giving you hours of extra practice for your Spanish!

Course prices and booking

If you take both an online and a face-top-face intensive Spanish course with us, we offer a 20% discount on the course fees given below.

Course Price Study time Access time
Tutored, full course €420 120-150 hours 12 months
Tutored, half course €230 60-75 hours 6 months
Untutored, full course €105 100-130 hours 12 months
Untutored, half course €55 50-65 hours 6 months
  • Study time: the hours of study we estimate you will need to do the course
  • Access time: the length of time will have access to the site

Price valid until December 31st, 2019.

Net Languages

International House Barcelona is the birthplace of Net Languages, one of the world's leading virtual language schools. The school opened in May 1999 and currently offers a range of language courses including Spanish for adults (16 or over).

For further details on the online Spanish courses, please our Net Languages site.

Net Languages also provide the materials in the Learn Spanish section on this site.



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Accreditation for our Spanish courses

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