Spanish dictionaries and grammars

In this section you will find online dictionaries and grammars, as well as other resources for anyone learning Spanish online.

Note that most of what is on these sites is in Spanish.

Online Spanish dictionaries

Real Academia Española
Spain's "official" dictionary (although perhaps not the most user-friendly), which obviously we had to put first!

Business Spanish
Andy Miles' English-Spanish, Spanish-English Business Dictionary isn't the easiest of dictionaries to navigate, either, but is highly recommended, nonetheless.
English, French, German and Spanish dict¡onaries, plus verb conjugator, all rolled into one. A site you might want to enable your pop-up blocker on, however

El castellano
A site well worth exploring, and not only for this page of links to Spanish dictionaries

Spanish slang
Slang from different Spanish speaking countries

Universidad de Oviedo
English/Spanish dictionary, dictionary of synonyms, translator, verb conjugator, and an excellent page of links

Spanish CALL project
Grammar rules and interactive exercises, tools and links to other sites

Online courses for learning Spanish

Online Spanish courses from one of the world's leading online language schools

Other resources for learning Spanish

La lengua española
The grammar and history of Spanish, and a number of interesting articles on Spanish today

La página del español
A site concerned with the Spanish language in all its aspects; a great selection of links, apart from anything else

Culture and language, of particular interest to teachers of Spanish

Learn Spanish
And, of course, you also have our own Learn Spanish section, which now has over 200 interactive reading, grammar and vocabulary exercises in it!

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