Learning Spanish

What is the secret of learning to speak Spanish successfully? In this section we talk to some of the students learning Spanish with us.

How are they learning Spanish...? What helps them in the process...? What language learning strategies do they employ...?

Harpreet Harpreet
Is it possible to start with no Spanish and just pick it up by ear?
Seeing the process of learning the language as one of just "having adventures..."
From absolute beginner to starting to understand Spanish... all in the course of two weeks.

"It's all about getting out there and interacting with Spanish people. Even if you're a bit nervous and self-conscious about it, you've still got to force yourself to do it."

Diving in at the deep end and "trying to interact with as many Spanish people as possible..."
A perfectionist, but one not afraid of making mistakes... and then learning from them

Further reading

*If you are really interested in what the experts say, Skehan's "Individual Differences in Second-Language Learning" (Edward Arnold 1989) is an interesting introduction to the topic.

We also highly recommended "How Languages Are Learned" (Lightbown and Spada, OUP, 1999) as a very readable, fascinating account of the subject.

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