Links for learners of Spanish

The sites we include are free, useful resources for those learning Spanish and/or interested in Spanish culture.

The sites are divided into the following different sections:

Read in Spanish

Reading matter - in this case articles, stories, interviews and famous authors, rather than current affairs (see the media section, below).

Spanish art and culture

Spanish art and culture sites, including cinema, museums like the Guggenheim, artists like Picasso... See also the Read in Spanish section, left.

Spanish people and places

Tourist information on other parts of Spain, plus what is going on in Spain - according to Hola and Cosmopolitan...

Spanish media sites

Reading an online paper is not just a way of keeping up with the news, sport or technology - it's a great way to practise your Spanish! Includes audio and video content.


Want some Spanish jokes? Or something not mentioned above? This is the section for you.

Learning Spanish

Spanish dictionaries and other online resources for learners of Spanish, including online grammars.

Accreditation for our Spanish courses


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