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Links for learners of Spanish: Spanish media

Social media

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What's on this page

In this section, you will find Spanish media sites offering audio and video content, including sites dealing with news and current affairs, the environment, science and technology, and sport.

Note that most of the sites in this section are entirely in Spanish.

Audio and video

BBC in Spanish -- audio news summaries, as well as text news

Cadena COPE -- broadcasts live on the Internet, besides having a full text news site

RNE -- Radio Nacional de España, Radio Exterior

RTVE -- Radio y Televisión Española, which broadcasts live and has a catch-up service that's great for learners of Spanish!

Telecinco -- frankly, we'd have to say it's pretty trashy television but if you're a learner, does that matter?


Barça (FC Barcelona) -- a "must-stop" site for all football fans!

Espanyol -- there's more to football in Barcelona than the mighty Barça: Espanyol are Barcelona's other Spanish first division side

Real Madrid -- if you're coming to Barcelona, don't tell anyone you're a Madrid fan ;-) ! Or an Atlético fan, for that matter!

For Spanish football websites, El Mundo Deportivo and Sport are blatantly biased in favour of Barça. Conversely, the Madrid sports papers As and Marca have a distinctly anti-Barça tone.

If you'd rather have something neutral, Sid Lowe has an excellent column on Spanish football in The Guardian (and he also wrote an interesting book on the rivalry between Barça and Real Madrid).

See also the Sports section, below.

The importance of reading

You want to learn a language? You need to read! It doesn't really matter what you read, so long as you do.

 TIP  Find something that interests you and read something every day: reading an online paper is a great idea.

News and current affairs

CNN in Spanish -- full news and current affairs coverage, including video content

El Diario -- exists only in digital form but it's an online paper we like!

El Mundo -- competes with El País in popularity; among their other content, try the video archives

El País -- once the best of Spain's newspaper websites, it's sadly lost its once independent editorial line

El Periódico -- the online version of Barcelona's other main daily

Expansión -- one of the leading sites for news on the Spanish economy

La Vanguardia Digital -- the online edition of Barcelona's leading daily paper

Social media

 TIP  We're an exam centre: we examine a huge number of language learners, many of them with an astonishing level of English or Spanish! How did they get there? One word: YouTube...!

 TIP  Find a topic you're interested in and watch, watch, watch...! You want subtitles "on", in Spanish!

 TIP  For language learners, only NetFlix is as good as YouTube!

See also the suggestions here on how you could use Twitter to learn a language, assuming your level of Spanish is already around B2 or above!


El Mundo Deportivo -- the website of Barcelona's leading sports paper

Marca -- Madrid's leading sports paper, and an excellent sports site

NBA games -- Basketball is your thing, huh? Like we say, it doesn't really matter what you read, so long as you do!

La Vuelta - it's not as prestigious as the Tour de France but, coming at the end of the season, sometimes a whole lot more exciting

Teledeporte -- as well as the Vuelta and the Tour, RTVE emits plenty more sport live

See also the Football section, above.

Students of Spanish

 TIP  If you are looking for articles graded by difficulty, for yourself or learners, the monthly article from Net Languages, which comes together with interactive exercises will interest you.

See also the previous articles in our "Interactive Spanish" section.


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