Lo pegado y pintado en las paredes del Gótico: Graffiti in Barcelona

Our various walks around the old city, the Barrio Gótico, are among the most popular events on our social program. But our recent photowalking tour took us into the Barrio to look not at all the usual things but at some of the amazing things stuck to or painted on the walls of its backstreets...

  • Graffiti in the Barrio Gótico: there's barely a door left untouched (the walls get a daily clean-up) | Photo: John

  • Art or vandalism? Some of the 'artists' have talent! | Photo: Nicole

  • On a door in the Barrio Gótico | Photo: Miquel

  • On a door in the Call, the old Jewish Quarter of the city | Photo: Nicole.

  • Art? | Photo: Nicole

  • Looking into an artist's studio in the Barrio Gótico | Photo: John

  • On the door of the studio next-door: you can actually buy the sort of stuff you can enjoy free if you just stroll around | Photo: Aura

  • Everything gets a once- (or twice-) over with a spray can | Photo: Matteo

  • Prohibido el paso a toda persona ajena a la obra... de arte (No entry to anyone unrelated to the work... of art) | Photo: Nicole

  • No parking (etc) | Photo: John

  • Cartas (Letters) | Photo: Miquel

  • Slapped on every door: stickers advertising the services of Cerrajeros (locksmiths) | Photo: Miquel

  • Barber's shop, shutters swung back | Photo: Nicole

  • Doorknocker | Photo: Miquel

  • Knowing their shutters will get sprayed, many shopkeepers opt to bring in a professional | Photo: Nicole

  • Shutters on a bar | Photo: Matteo

  • Shutters on a piano bar | Photo: Tom

  • Another bar, this one in the Plaça Traginers, beside the Roman walls | Photo: Matteo

  • We're not sure what goes on in the 'Mad Hamster Workshop', but Aura liked the artwork | Photo: Aura

  • Face on a door | Photo: Matteo

  • Miquel liked the contrast between the work of the aspiring Andy Warhol and that of long-forgotten stonemasons | Photo: Miquel

  • How about you polish the woodwork on the front door, Honey? In the Barrio Gótico, you'd be wasting your time! | Photo: John

  • Painted on the door of L'Ascensor, one of the Barrio's most famous night spots | Photo: Tom

  • Posted on the Barrio's walls: What's on | Photo: Nicole

  • Ripped and torn and replaced, 'What's on' becomes a collage | Photo: Nicole

  • Una señorita... | Photo: Aura

  • Who are you calling a 'señorita'?! | Photo: Tom

  • Collage | Photo: Nicole

  • Collage by many annonymous 'artists', photo by Nicole

  • Are you looking at me?! | Photo: Tom

  • Looking... | Photo: Matteo

  • Fear | Photo: Tom

  • High tech: in fact, in some cases (including this one), stencils have been used and you'll find faces that are repeated | Photo: Aura

  • Collage | Photo: Aura

  • Collage (note the newspaper cuttings in this one) | Photo: Tom

  • Collage | Photo: Miquel

  • Behind bars: painted on the shutter in a barred window | Photo: Tom

  • Eyes, staring out | Photo: Tom

  • One love: graffiti | Photo: Tom

Images by Aura, Nicole, John, Matteo, Miquel and Tom

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Lo pegado y pintado en las paredes del Gótico: Graffiti in Barcelona

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