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Links for learners of Spanish: Reading

What's on this page

Here we provide you with some suggestions for sites where you will get some extensive practice if what you want to do is read in Spanish.

Note that, unless otherwise stated, these sites are entirely in Spanish.

See also the Media section for newspaper sites.

Biblioteca Cervantes - a huge collection from this major portal for Spanish literature

ClubCultura.com - news, articles and more, on the world of Spanish literature

Eduardo Mendoza - official site for one of Spain's leading contemporary novelists, famous for his novels about Barcelona

Gabriel García Márquez - site (in English) devoted to Latin America's most famous novelist

Juan Marsé - a site devoted to another of Barcelona's great novelists

Julio Cortázar - site devoted to one of Argentina's great short story writers and novelists

Latin American literature - huge collection of links from the University of Texas

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán - site devoted to Barcelona's Raymond Chandler, Barcelona his L.A. (also in English and French)

Proyecto Sherezade - short stories from around the Spanish-speaking world

The importance of reading

You want to learn a language? You need to read!

It doesn't really matter what you read, so long as you do.

Find something that interests you and read something every day - reading an online paper is a great idea.

More suggestions

We have a regular feature on our Spanish Department blog with suggestions for books to read if you are learning Spanish.

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