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Your social and cultural programme in Barcelona

Do come to the events on the social program: it's a great way to learn more Spanish...

Learn more Spanish!

Get the most out of your Spanish course by joining us on our social programme. The activities are lead by one of our Spanish teachers and are conducted in Spanish, giving you around six additional hours of Spanish a week.

Activities include visits to places of interest in Barcelona, films in Spanish and our very popular Friday Club (see below), at which you will meet some of the native Spanish speakers who are learning English, French or German with us.

Most of the activities are included in the prices of your course. Note, however, that entrance fees and transport costs (where appropriate) are not included.

Sample programme

1st week

2nd week

Nearly all the activities on our activities programme are suitable for everyone. Some, however, do involve an hour, occasionally more, of moderate walking. If you have reduced mobility, check with us in Reception first.

What's on this week?

Check out what's on this week on the social programme on our Spanish Department blog.


Friday Club

One of the good things about IH is the fact that we also have so many Spanish people studying English in the school.

On Friday nights, from 19.00h to 21.00h, we have a pub night language exchange in the students' bar/out on our terrace, where you can meet up and practise your Spanish.

After nine, we don't reckon you'll find it hard to find somewhere in Barcelona to go on practising!


Our photowalking tours are another popular event on our social program. Check out the photos we took of Barcelona.

You'll also find photos from trips on our social program on our Facebook page.


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