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Your Spanish teachers at IH Barcelona


Cesar | After finishing degrees in Graphic Design and Translation, Cesar did his initial training as a Spanish teacher in his birthplace, Mexico City.

He taught Spanish (and Italian!) in Berlin before coming to Barcelona and training with us in 2006.


Elo | After finishing her Universitat de Barcelona English Philology degree, Elo (Eloísa) did a Masters in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. She worked at IH Seville (Seville is her home town) before joining us in Barcelona.

As well as being a Spanish teacher, Elo is also a professional photographer and has lived in Iceland (as you can see from the photos on her website).


Eugenia | After her degree in Spanish Philology, Eugenia took her initial training as a Spanish teacher with us in 2005 and went on to do a Masters in teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

Like all of our teachers, Eugenia speaks a number of languages (if you want to teach languages, you want to try learning them!) but we think she's the only one who speaks Dutch!


Francesca | With a degree in Pedagogía Terapéutica, Barcelona-born Francesca worked in special needs education before training to be a Spanish teacher with us in 1998.

For some years she combined working with people with language learning difficulties and teaching Spanish, but now works only at IH Barcelona.


Lara | Prior to taking her initial training as a Spanish teacher with us in 2014, Lara did a degree in Spanish Philology here in her hometown, Barcelona, during which she collaborated on the RAE's corpus for its new dictionary

She's the self-styled "Queen of Beginners" so if that's you, expect to have Lara -- and have a lot of fun in class!


Mario | Another of our Barcelona-born and raised members of staff, Mario did a degree in Journalism before starting out as a Spanish teacher with us in 2015 ("una de las mejores decisiones de mi vida," he says).

Mario is also a trained and qualified (UEFA A Licence) football coach and teaches our Spanish for football course


Mati | Born in Rosario, Argentina, Mati (Matilde) did her Spanish Philology degree in Barcelona and her pre-service training as a Spanish teacher at IH Barcelona in 2003, since which she has completed a Masters in Spanish for Special Purposes.


Marta | After completing a degree in Tourism in her hometown Zaragoza, Marta lived and worked in Berlin for four years.

She then took her first formal training with us in 2007 and, in 2012, joined our Spanish Teacher Training Department, where she now tutors on both face-to-face and online courses.


Nuria | After completing her degree in Journalism, Nuria trained with us to be a Spanish teacher, and then worked for University College London and IH London for 10 years before returing home, and to IH Barcelona, in 2006.

She's been a tutor on our Spanish teacher training courses and has also written materials for the BBC and Difusión.


Pamen | Pamen, who is from the town of Fraga (Huesca), did a degree in Spanish Philology before she trained to be teacher with us in 1994 ("The year of the Liceu fire!" she says!). She has worked at IH Barcelona ever since then.


Violeta | Born in Barbastro (Huesca), Violeta did a degree in Slavic Philology (and is around B1+ in Russian) before training to be a Spanish teacher with us in 2009.

If she's not your teacher, you'll still meet her if you join us on on social programme.


Xavi | After taking a first degree in Slavic Philology, Barcelona-born Xavi did a second in Spanish Philology. He trained to be a Spanish teacher with us in 2001 and then did a masters in Lexis and Communication.

Xavi also writes our blog for Spanish teachers.

Our Spanish teachers:

  • Are all university graduates with extensive teaching experience, specifically trained to teach Spanish as a foreign language
  • Enjoy academic support and on-going training under the supervision of the director of studies
  • Attend regular teachers' meetings, classroom observations and teachers' workshops
  • Many also work in our Spanish teacher training department


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