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Profile of students studying Spanish with you at IH Barcelona

How do you think this story ends...?

Video | Silvia did an intensive Spanish course with us, came with us on our social programme, spent three weeks visiting Barcelona and liked it so much she stayed for another six months with us on an internship in Barcelona.

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Find out about what learning Spanish is like by reading about our students' experiences in our learning Spanish section.

Where your classmates will be from

Our Spanish students come from all over the world to study with us in Barcelona. The majority of them are European, although we always have some Americans studying with us as we provide Spanish tuition for students from an American University which organises a study abroad programme in Barcelona.

We always have a number of students from Asia studying with us as well (especially Chinese and Japanese) and we even have some Brazilians who come all the way to Barcelona to take courses with us.

Our top 10 nationalities are (1) German; (2) Chinese; (3) American; (4) British; (5) Swiss; (6) French; (7) Italian; (8) Russian; (9) Japanese; and (10) Dutch. See also the pie chart for the percentages.

Students of other languages

We have a large number of local people studying English in the school, so in places like the bar and our terrace, and at events like our popular weekly Friday Club, there's plenty of opportunity for you to meet and make friends with native speakers and to improve your fluency.

Studying Spanish

Origins of our Spanish students

How old will your classmates be?

The average age of our students is 24-28, although we often have students as young as 16 and as old as 75. The majority of our students are young professional people who need Spanish to develop their careers.

But we also have a large proportion of students who are still full-time students in their own countries as well as an increasing number of people who are simply learning Spanish as a hobby.

Note that we offer special courses for teens (and can acccommodate school parties), and also have a popular "50+ course" for older students.

Age range

Ages of our Spanish students


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Accreditation for our Spanish courses

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