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Translation courses at IH Barcelona

Our translation courses provide practical guidance in translation both to beginners at an introductory level and to experienced translators who may or may not wish to enter for public examinations such as the IoL Diploma. The world needs people who can translate. Train -- and qualify -- as a translator with us.

Introduction to Translation

Interested in becoming a translator?

Introduction to Translation

Our introduction to translation course provides you with the skills and techniques you need to translate well.

By the end of the 16-week course you will have a basic level of competence enabling you to take on translation work with confidence.

IoL Diploma courses

Want a qualification in translation?

IoL Diploma Courses

The IoL Diploma is one of the few exams that allow translators to show that they have reached a professional level of competence.

Translation into Spanish

Our translation into Spanish courses include preparation for IoL as well as a number of specialised translation courses.


A great course, with a really good balance of theory and practice. I now feel confident enought to start building some first-hand experience before embarking on the IoL course next year, which I am definitely planning to apply for!
Tina K. Introduction to Translation course

Translation into French

Our Cours de traduction général is both a general translation course and is also preparation for the IoL French papers.

Resources for translators

Try our links section for free online resources for translators.

About IH Barcelona

Founded in 1972, International House Barcelona is part of the IH World Organization. Our Translation Department has been offering courses for translators since 1992.

Apart from our translation courses, we are also one of Barcelona's largest language schools, and one of the top language teacher training centres in Europe.

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