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Links for translators

The resources on this page are all available free (or in free versions) on the Internet.

General Dictionaries

The suite of Cambridge dictionaries are possibly the best online English-English dictionaries available (and with nearly 2m searches a month, among the most popular).

Catalan dictionary from the Enciclopèdia Catalana.

Apart from the good results from its dictionary, the site also provides a lot of other resources (other language dictionaries, thesarus, style guides, links...).

Not the full Merriam-Webster but useful nevertheless. Also links you to the extensive resources of Yourdictionary.com (see below).

Multi-language (Foreignword.com)
Accesses over 200 online dictionaries in over 70 languages. A huge list of glossaries, too.

Multilingual terminology database (EU)
European Commission database allowing you to search for translations from and into 11 major European languages. A little slow, but still valuable.

Multiple dictionary search (Yourdictionary.com)
Also accesses databases, quotations, thesauri... plus a wide range of interesting links.

Spanish (Diccionarios.com)
To and from Catalan, English and French. Also includes synonyms and the possibility of installing it on your browser.

Online version of Roget's Thesaurus, also provides an extensive range of other resources.


The Encyclopaedia Britannica online... Enough said!

Claims to be "the single best source for facts on the Net". You might dispute that but it certainly includes a lot of useful links.

Glossaries and specialist dictionaries

101,000 Google results for "online glossary"
Well, you would try Google, wouldn't you?

Business Glossary (Andy Miles)
English-Spanish, Spanish-English business glossary, with over 8,000 items.

Computer terms (TechWeb)
Provides definitions of over 20,000 computer terms.

Desktop Publishing (About.com)
Graphic design, paper, printing, software, and typography terms. The usual good results from About.com.

Economics (About.com)
Another useful glossary from About.com.

Film glossary (Internet Movie Database)
Excellent - as you would expect from the incomparable IMDb!

IT terms (Whatis.com)
Defines thousands of information technology terms.

Law (Law.com)
To translators, the dictionary is probably the most useful of Law.com's extensive resources.

Legal dictionary (Nolo.com)
Nolo.com has both a legal dictionary and also an encyclopaedia on legal topics.

More glossaries (elcastellano.com)
Vast A-Z of glossaries on subjects ranging from accounting to wine...

Quotations (Bartleby.com)
Searchable database of quotations in English (also dictionary and encylopaedia).

Slang (Peevish.com)
Dictionary of UK slang. Try their links section for other forms of slang (Australian, US, specialist...).

Online dictionary and search engine for computer and Internet technology. Results generally excellent, as are the links provided.


Allows you to create your own curriculum in their searchable database.

One of the best job sites for Spain, currently carrying a lot of translation jobs, particular for those offering more exotic languages.

Linguist Register (TLS)
Allows you to register on their database of translators with business and commercial experience.

Allows you to actively look for translation work as well as post your curriculum online. Its forums (in different languages) are excellent, and very active too.


American Translators Association
The ATA is the leading US translators association. For more about the ATA, click here.

Chartered Institute of Linguists
The Institute of Linguists (CIOL) runs the exams our courses prepare you for. The handbook is available online. Jobs are also advertised on the site.

Institute of Translation and Interpreting
The CIOL's main rival has some interesting advice on getting started as a translator on their site.

TRIAC (Traductors i Intèrprets Associats pro-Col·legi)
Professional Association whose objective is the creation of a Col·legi Oficial de Traductors i Intèrprets de Catalunya in order to regulate, protect and improve the profession (site under development).

Other tools

Acronyms (Acronymfinder.com)
Claims to be the world's largest acronym and abbreviations database. Try finding something not among its over 500,000 entries!

Beginner's Guide to the Internet (BBC)
This interactive tutorial is a useful starting point for those completely new to the subject, including tips on searching for information.

Dictionaries, Thesauri, Acronyms and Encyclopedias
Useful collection of links from Purdue University library.

Finding information on the Internet (UC Berkeley)
A useful introduction to the subject.

Google toolbar
A handy little application that puts Google on your browser toolbar.

Grammar and Writing Guide (Capital Community College)
Complete online guide to English grammar.

More links
An excellent, vast collection of links on a wide variety of subjects and languages from Traduït.net.

Results for "Glossary" on About.com
You're stuck for a term? Can't find a glossary on a particular theme? Try About.com!

Translator's Companion
The Translator's Companion offers a large number of different resources for translators, including an excellent selection of links, with glossaries in many different languages on a wide variety of topics, job offers...

Software (Translation.net)
Commercial software of all kinds for translators. The site also has an extensive selection of links to other sites (dictionaries, jobs, mailing lists...)

Spanish (elcastellano.com)
Vast collection of resources on Spanish - dictionaries, grammar, literature, the press, translation...

Stuck? (Ask Jeeves)
It happens to everyone! You get completely stuck and just can't think how to translate something - and can't find the resources you are looknig for. As a last resort, try Ask Jeeves, which also has a Spanish version.

Style Guide (The Economist)
The Economist's thematically arranged style guide is particularly good on punctuation, and also has various good sections covering common errors

Style Guide (The Guardian)
Alphabetical listing of how we (or rather The Guardian) write foreign or other words in the news, use capital letters (etc), spell accommodation, and so on.

Web and text translator (Freetranslation.com)
Free - and very rough - translation of text and webpages into a variety of European languages.

Web translator (Wordreference.com)
Smart little application that translates any word on any webpage with just a couple of clicks (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish).

Who's Who (who2.com)
Useful, despite its almost exclusively US bias. You need to check the name of Charles Lindbergh's aircraft (and is that how he spelt his name?). Useful links to further information, too. For an alternative, try biography.com.

Yahoo! Reference
This Yahoo! page directs you to a number of useful resources - dictionaries and encyclopaedias and lots more besides.

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