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Joe Graham


Tutor Introduction to Translation

Joe graduated with honors in Political Science and Economics from Yale University in 1986 and moved to London in that same year to start work in a business education firm. He rose to the level of senior trainer and consultant and worked with clients in a wide variety of industries, gaining a breadth of experience that would later help him in his translation work. Then, in 2000, he decided to leave London and relocate to Barcelona.

Taking his CELTA at International House (IH) in Barcelona, he began teaching English both there and in other settings. Among his outside students number many professionals as well as groups of doctoral candidates at the Technical University of Catalonia. In addition to fluency in Spanish, Joe has also been awarded level C in Catalan by the Generalitat, the government of Catalonia.

Joe passed IH's Introduction to Translation course himself in Spring 2005. Since then, he has used his professional experience in London and his knowledge of Spanish and Catalan to focus on scholarly papers produced by academics and researchers at universities in the Barcelona area. The wide range of subjects he has handled span finance and economics, political science, philosophy, history, art history, medicine and the life sciences.

In 2008 and 2009, Joe was recognised twice by the John Dryden Literary Translation competition of the University of East Anglia (UK) for book-length translations of the Catalan poet Salvador Espriu's Cemetery at Sinera and Labyrinth's End. The first was published in 2009 by Edinburgh University Press and the second appeared in the US journal Metamorphoses in 2010. He has appeared on Radio Catalunya to talk about poetry translation from Catalan into English. He also published a selected excerpt of Espriu’s Book of Sinera in Metamorphoses in 2015.

Lucy Banham


Tutor IoL Diploma courses and Reverse translation course

Lucy gained a BSc (Hons) in Psychology from Manchester University in 1994. She then took the Trinity College TESOL certificate, which enabled her to teach English abroad and to travel. Her first teaching job was in Ecuador, where she quickly developed her Spanish speaking skills as well as a love for the Spanish language. On her return from South America, she moved to Barcelona to teach business English and gain fluency in Spanish. This was followed by a teaching post in Vietnam, where she first came into contact with translation through voluntary work for an NGO.

In 2002, she returned to Barcelona and signed up for the International House (IH) Introduction to Translation course. She went on to take the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIoL) Diploma in Translation course at IH under the tuition of Mike Maudsley. She passed the exam with two merits in 2006.

Since then, Lucy has worked full-time as a freelance Spanish to English and Catalan to English translator. In particular, she translates and corrects academic manuscripts for universities in Barcelona. The wide range of subjects she has worked on includes science and technology, psychology, anthropology, education and the environment.

She has taught the IoL Diploma in Translation course since 2010, as well as being the tutor on the IoL Refresher and Reverse translation courses.

Emma Jane Brown


Tutor Jurídica courses (Spanish – English)

Emma graduated in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Alicante in 2013 after studying Spanish, English, German, Catalan and Chinese for 4 years. She then did an MA in Conference Interpreting at the Universidad Europea de Valencia in 2016, followed by a Master’s in Business Administration in 2018 at Fundesem Business School in Alicante.

In 2014 she was appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a certified English and Spanish sworn translator and interpreter.

Emma started working as a translator and interpreter at a young age, but has worked full time since graduating from university, working with a wide range of subjects such as sworn translation, business, finance, tourism, pharmaceuticals, food and drink, among others.

She currently works as a full-time freelance ES‹›EN translator, interpreter, proofreader and private business English tutor in Alicante.


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