Websites for Business English teachers

1- Sites for your own personal and/or professional use...

A site "for students and educators in business studies, economics, accounting, leisure, sport & recreation and travel & tourism" - and not one primarily intended for business English per se. The huge collection of material on this site will probably repay the time you invest in finding what is going to be of most interest to your own learners.

How to teach Business English using the Internet (Onestopenglish.net) Publisher Macmillan has a useful page of ideas and links for anyone who suddenly finds themselves teaching business English.

Needs analysis (also from Onestopenglish.net).

Macmillan also now has a dedicated Business English site.

Market Leader (business English coursebook)
Many course books now have their own dedicated website on which you will find resources. Longman's excellent Market Leader series is one.

About using case studies in teaching BE (see also further case study sites below).

2- Sites to recommend to your students...

The BBC has a business news audio bulletin - great for 5 minutes listening practice a day... It also has a business news section - great for 5 minutes reading practice a day!

Business English "Words in the News" From the BBC's learning English section. More from the BBC's learning (business) English section.

Financial news headlines from Yahoo!

Some (not very interactive) Business English exercises.

Spanish-English business online glossary (Andy Miles).

You will find more online dictionaries on the IH Barcelona translation site.

3- Sites for material that you could use in class...

Newspapers, including general broadsheets like The Guardian or The Times have their business sections, which are obvious sources of information of interest to your learners, as well as of the lexis of Business English.

If your learners are interested in US English, the Washington Post and The New York Times can be recommended.

The specialised financial papers and magazines, such as Business Week, The Economist and the Financial Times are also obviously of interest, and you also have the Yahoo! Finance section.

4- Sites to take your students to in a computer-equipped classroom...

Case studies Material designed for business students and teachers.

More case studies (from Bized, see above).

The Sunday Times 100 best companies to work for. See also their 50 best SMEs.

5- More Business English links...

IATEFL Business English SIG (Special Interest Group) The IATEFL BE SIG site has a large collection of BE links.

The Internet TESL Journal also has a BE links page.

Technology for Business English

Tech ELT Blog

You will find more Business English links on our Tech ELT Blog.

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