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CeltaStarsAbout CeltaStars

Launched in August 2004, our post-course support group is used for a number of purposes:

  • To send out ELT jobs vacancies, particularly but by no means exclusively in Barcelona and nearby towns
  • To provide information on living and working in Barcelona
  • To exchange information on accommodation, whether you're looking for a room, or a flat, or someone to share your flat with
  • To provide help and advice on topics relating to teaching English

FAQs include feedback on particular schools as places to work; where to find and what to charge for private lessons; various administrative procedures (becoming a legal resident; working freelance; tax issues...); advice on teaching business English and young learners and so on.

Once you are a member, you can ask further questions and access the archived messages (many thousands of messages since we started!).

Joining the group

As soon as we have accepted your application and received payment for your course we automatically send you details of how to join -- so in fact it's not just post course support that you'll get. All we need is an email address from you.

NOTE It is only possible to join the group if you have done CELTA at IH Barcelona: it is not open to anyone else.

Or groups...

In fact we should now really talk about groups and communities, in the plural, as since March 2014 we have had a separate CeltaStars Barcelona forum on Google+ for everything "Barcelona" except jobs so that, if you don't stay in Barcelona after your course, you can choose not to get those sorts of messages.

We thus have three CeltaStars groups, with CeltaStars Jobs and (since October 2014) a separate CeltaStars Teaching, Learning and Technology forum to provide help with and discussion of matters of all kinds relating to our profession.

NOTE that with the demise of G+, scheduled for April 2019, CeltaStars will shortly be moving to a new home.

Supporting the group

Membership of the group is free; all we ask in return is that you support the community you become a member of, by helping to answer the questions that get asked whenever you can...

Currrent members*

CeltaStars Jobs
788 members

CeltaStars Barcelona
987 members

CeltaStars Teaching and Learning
937 members

*2 January 2019


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