Cambridge DELTA: blended course with IH Barcelona

You haven't got time to do DELTA? Our blended course makes it possible for you to find the time!

Next course: online October 7 2019–April 5 2020, with a view to taking the Module 1 exam in June 2020; dates of one-month face-to-face in Barcelona for Module 2 teaching practice, to be confirmed.

Format of our Blended DELTA course

6 months online

March 4th–August 23rd

Orientation phase starts March 4, online classwork starts March 18

20 weeks of study and participation in a virtual group of up to 15 teachers, led by an IH Barcelona tutor

Probable time requirement: 10 to 15 hours per week

1 month face-to-face

September 2nd–28th*

4 weeks full-time (09.00-17.00) in Barcelona, for teaching practice and 4 assessed lessons

*If you are within the greater Barcelona area it may be possible to teach some or all of your assessed lessons with your own class during or after the online phase.

2 months self-study


Includes bank of further self-study material and a marked mock exam

Module 1 exam date: TBC

Included in the online component

  • Weekly tutor-led units of specially designed material, interactive forum tasks and extensive reading covering all the key areas for Module 1 and 2
  • Weekly assignments helping you comprehensively prepare for both the written exam and your assessed lessons
  • Practical tasks that help you reflect on and develop your current practice
  • Regular tutorials and development calls with your tutor helping you stay on top of the workload and keeping you on track with your development goals
  • Webinars with guest speakers from the world of ELT linked to key areas of Modules 1 & 2

Also included are regular reading and writing breaks, giving you time to research and write your 4 background essays for your language skills assignments so you come as prepared as possible to the face-to-face teaching phase.

During the face-to-face phase

  • 4 weeks of full-time teaching practice with learners in IH Barcelona
  • 3 internally assessed lessons & 1 externally assessed lesson
  • Tutor support when planning assessed lessons
  • Tutor feedback on assessed lessons
  • Tutor-led workshops on useful teaching techniques


The two months following the course gives you time to review and prepare for the Module 1 exam with:

  • A bank of further self-access material on the online learning platform
  • Marked mock exam

Course tutors

Your main course tutor will be confirmed shortly. The second, and possibly a third, tutor will be confirmed nearer to March.

See also information on all our ELT course tutors at IH Barcelona.


Note that application details, prices and exam fees (the same as for the 100% face-to-face courses), are to be found on the main DELTA course page.

Last possible enrolment date: March 8

Who is our Blended DELTA course for?

Doing the DELTA is on many development-minded teachers' to-do lists. It's a world-recognised teaching qualification and is the key to accessing exciting career opportunities in teaching, training and management.

However, teaching is a demanding job and often teachers just can´t find the time in their busy schedules to attend the regular face-to-face classes and teaching practice that are required by part-time and full-time Delta courses. The blended DELTA course at IH Barcelona offers the solution to this problem by allowing teachers to follow a specially designed programme of distance study and learning helping them attain both Module 1 and Module 2 accreditation from Cambridge.

There are no compromises with the blended Module 1 & 2 DELTA, with the online phase offering the very best of both face-to-face and online training worlds - flexible enough so that you can participate and study when you have time during the week but also giving you the chance to be part of a group of teachers sharing ideas, helping each other find solutions to problems and working towards a common goal.

The face-to-face teaching phase gives you the time and space to focus on your assessed teaching in a supportive, dynamic and rewarding teaching environment bringing together everything you have learned in the online phase.


Flexible enough so that you can participate and study when you have time but also giving you the chance to be part of a group of teachers sharing ideas, helping each other find solutions to problems and working towards a common goal

Why IH Barcelona?

IH Barcelona has a long history as being a centre of training excellence and we are delighted that we can now add this flexible option for taking Module 1 and 2 to our suite of already world-renowned Delta courses.

Taking the Module 1 & 2 Bended Delta at IH Barcelona means getting the very best our training team have to offer - quality content, invaluable experience and tailored support every step of the way.


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