How to contact us

For more about any of our courses, or any other help you need, please contact our admin staff, who you can see below. They will also handle your application for our courses.

Contact us

+34 93 268 4511

Office hours

Our office hours are Monday to Friday,
08.30 to 18.00, Barcelona time (GMT+1).


If you are contacting us from Russia, please avoid using a .ru email address. Spam filters are likely to block messages between you and Barcelona.

Please use an alternative email address (Gmail, Yahoo, etc. will not give you the same problem).

Admin staff


Elena Guisández | Elena's main responsibility is our translation courses, but she also helps out with the 101 jobs involved in running our Teacher Training courses.

Before joining us she taught Spanish here at IH Barcelona.


Gloria Pujol | Gloria handles all of the admin tasks in the Teacher Training Department office (C3), but she also handles all enrolments on our courses as well as accommodation for our trainees.

Gloria studied Tourism before coming to IH Barcelona.


Judit Ferrer | Judit did a degree in translating and interpreting before joining us at IH Barcelona, where (appropriately) her responsibilities include most of the admin for our translation courses.

She also took both a CELTA course and the equivalent Spanish teacher training course with us, as a trainee.


Valeria Brancaforte | Valeria did a degree in Slav languages before coming to Barcelona in 2004. She handles enrolment for our DELTA courses, ELT conference, online courses and workshops.

In her spare time, as you can see on her Facebook page, Valeria is a talented printmaker and artist!


Tom Walton | Tom manages our website and writes our ELT technology blog.

He also runs the Internet Room, helping with any technical problems you (and anyone on our online courses) might have, as well as moderating our post-CELTA course support groups.


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