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Creating positive conditions for learning in the ELT classroom

Course outline

Through the presentation and application of a variety of activities, techniques and resources, the course will focus on the analysis of daily teaching practices in the ELT primary classroom.

Teachers will be provided with a diversity of ideas and strategies which will help them to implement foreign language linguistic content successfully. The main purpose is to get familiar with tools to develop language skills and to make learning much more fun and dynamic.

Cooperation will be necessary and individual contributions essential so that participants learn by doing and easily incorporate what they learn into their personal teaching environment.


  • When: July 2—6, 2018
  • Where: International House Barcelona, Trafalgar 14, 08010 Barcelona
  • Timetable: 08.30—13.30 plus personal study time
  • Duration: 30 hours
  • Places available: 20


  • To offer teachers a theoretical framework of the principles of second language acquisition in children aged 6 to 11.
  • To give practical suggestions on how to create, analyse and evaluate classroom activities, language use and language development.
  • To give practical suggestions on what techniques to use when dealing with students with special educational needs in the ELT classroom.
  • To share useful activities in order to become aware of available resources for teaching and learning English in primary.

Course content

  • Project work methodology: design and evaluation criteria.
  • The importance of storytelling and story-based projects in English language learning.
  • Design of cross-curricular units, including accommodations for students with special educational needs.
  • EdTools and how to exploit student-generated materials.
  • Language learning and teaching strategies.

Course tutor

Lola Garay-AbadYour tutor on this course is Lola Garay-Abad (photo, right).

Lola has been a teacher and teacher trainer for 17 years. She manages academic programmes, has published academic literature, and designs/delivers professional development courses in main stream education and language teaching. She teaches CLIL subjects and EFL in a public school/social educational project; writes, adapts and evaluates materials and books for various educational publishing houses and is involved in research in education at a local university.

She has spoken at various national and international conferences including TESOL, APAC, APPI Portugal, Flipped Classroom Europe and the IH Barcelona ELT conference, among others.


All teachers will be expected to put together their work in a portfolio, which will be completed individually during the course. It will consist of an individual selection of the activities, project outlines and other similar assignments related to the methodology applied in the ELT classroom at primary levels.

All these resources will be added to the group on Google Plus, which will be used as a collaborative tool to share knowledge among participants.

NOTE Participants will need to bring to class some of the materials they are currently using in their lessons.


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