Feedback on the IDLTM course

Comments from past participants on the IDLTM course

Making the transition from English teacher to manager is a difficult process that requires the acquisition of specific skills usually absent from general management training programmes. The IDLTM programme was an excellent introduction to the principles of ELT management for me as I had had to learn management skills on the job without a theoretical foundation underpinning and informing my practice.

"The tutors were all very experienced in the field of ELT management and were able to effectively convey not only theoretical frameworks for management practice but also practical techniques that could be applied immediately to my organisation from the moment I returned to work. It was that balance of the practical and theoretical that made the course extremely useful to me not only in terms of improving my skills but also in highlighting where I could further develop in my own professional context.

"The face-to-face component of the course brought together managers from a wide variety of ELT contexts which allowed us to form an informal network of professionals facing similar issues and challenges and this has proven invaluable as a resource not only for the subsequent coursework but also as a source of input and advice on ELT management – often a very solitary undertaking!

"The coursework was excellent with each assignment relating directly to my professional context, forcing me to think and at times rethink my practice in relation to students, administrators and teaching staff. Without a doubt each module had an immediate and positive impact on my organisation and has triggered new developments that will ultimately help the school grow both financially and in terms of academic quality.

"In short, the IDLTM programme combines the academic rigor and essential practical skills that we have already come to recognise as hallmarks of Cambridge English teacher training qualifications, making it an excellent course for all ELT managers, whatever their needs and experience.

Carlos Sosa
English Language Training Centre
Waterford Institute of Technology


The IDLTM course proves to be essential for those whose experience in educational management is limited. Its focus on practical aspects of the management of concrete language teaching organisations helped me to identify a wider range of solutions for current and potential issues in my school.

Ovidiu Ursa
Access Language Centre
Cluj, Romania
Vice-president of QUEST


IDLTM has empowered me to evaluate my managerial performance against very concrete benchmarks: in the academic readings recommended on the IDLTM course I continue to find the reasons for the successes and the failures of my decisions; the assignments completed then helped me look for solutions to particular institutional problems together with my team back home; at the same time, the IDLTM academic team and the other trainees all helped me reflect on these solutions and definitely improve them.

"Some of our best achievements are based on this experience; for example, this is how we came to be awarded the Wordaware prize in 2002, in London! And the IDLTM experience encouraged me to become a candidate for the European Label Award in 2003. And to also win it!

Anca Colibaba
The EuroEd Foundation
Iasi, Romania


The course itself was very intense and the vast majority of it was superbly taught. It was well organised, with great materials and a logical structure. The topics are so useful for EFL - I have found it invaluabe for my job. You can also use the assignments as real work projects which helps too.

As long as you keep on schedule it's great. It is a lot of work - I am using a day a week and doing 2 evenings on it plus reading on the weekend. It's definitely post grad level - but it's not an MA, it's basically a practical course.

Jeanette Barsdell
ALC Teacher Training
Auckland, New Zealand


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