ELT Publishers

We include links on this page to the top English Language Teaching (ELT, or TEFL) publishers.

Many include useful classroom activities and other resources for English language teachers. Note that you will find further resources on our separate TEFL sites page.

ELT Publishers

Cambridge English Language Teaching
What is online is essentially the Cambridge catalogue, but the "Cambridge Link" section also includes resources for teachers.

DELTA Publishing
DELTA publish both course books and resource books for English language teachers. We can particularly recommend their excellent Professional Perspectives series.

English-Forum.com's guide to buying EFL books online
Allows you to search online bookshops in different countries, compare prices etc, as well as carrying other resources.

The Longman catalogue, and quite a wide variety of resources on this site.

The Macmillan catalogue - and possibly the best publisher's set of online resources available - onestopenglish.com.

The OUP catalogue is also available online. For resources, try the book-specific pages and note that a number of the excellent OUP resource books also have their own additional online resources.

Pearson Longman
This "ELT Forum" site has resources, articles and a good collection of links.


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