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On this page we include links to TEFL jobs sites.

Note that an appropriate amount of caution should be used in applying for and accepting any job in TEFL. On some of the sites below, among the genuine vacancies you are likely to find postings from scammers.

Another point to note: most people in fact find English teaching jobs by being there on the spot, in the country, rather than applying for one over the Internet.

Our top TEFL jobs sites

International House World
With well over 100 language schools around the world, IH is the sort of reputable organisation you'd want a job with (something sadly not always the case in TEFL). A well organised site, allowing you to search for TEFL vacancies at IH centres in over 50 different countries, different times of the year, etc.

It's also worth noting that not all IH vacancies are always advertised on IH World: it may also be worth applying locally, direct to the centre.

TEFL.com carries an impressive number of TEFL vacancies and a variety of tools for searching and applying for jobs. Probably the best site for finding yourself a job.

The best of the rest (alphabetically)

Dave's ESL Café
Dave's ESL Café has an "international jobs board" which posts new EFL vacancies daily. Ghastly design, but still one of the most popular English language teaching sites on the Web. The international jobs forum is somewhere you might want to check out for the lowdown on countries, schools, etc, around the world.

"Jobs and resources for TESOL professionals" (the former the more impressive set).

English Job Maze
Lists jobs - which happily look very recent postings - allows you to upload your CV (but does any DoS really have time to trawl through them, we wonder?), receive job offers by email and provides, among other things, information on how to supplement your income... Now that is going to be useful!

ELT Jobs in Japan
Calling itself the "web site for English teachers in Japan" this one offers quite a lot more than jobs - all of which are, surprise surprise, in Japan.

Neatly divides its job offers into geographical regions (Europe, North America, etc), which you can also receive weekly in your mailbox. As with all the other sites, treat job offers with due circumspection.

GoUK.com ELT Guide to English Language Schools in the UK
Not a site on which you will find jobs advertised, but lists over 500 English language schools in the UK, which you can narrow down by region, courses offered and so on.

Carries a number of TEFL jobs, though nowhere near as impressive as tefl.com. If you are completely new to TEFL, check out its TEFL FAQs page.



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