Websites for English teachers

On this "TEFL sites" page, we include links to other sites that provide online resources for English teachers which can be used in the classroom, including song lyrics, articles on English language teaching (ELT) and classroom activities, among others.

On separate pages, we include links to other TEFL sites, include ELT organizations like IATEFL, publications for teachers like ET Professional, ELT publishers, TEFL jobs sites.

We have pages of interesting links to sites for those teaching young learners and one for those teaching business English.

We also have a page for links to sites on using new technology in the English classroom and a page on using interactive whiteboards.

Note that if you are looking for online dictionaries, you should go to our translation site.

TEFL Resources

BBC World Service News
One for your students to bookmark! An incomparable collection of reading and listening resources.

BBC Learning English site
Another BBC site that is well worth recommending to your students.

Biographies of famous people (
Two sites for biographies of the famous - always useful for classroom activities, whether on- or off-line. For an alternative biography site, try

Dave's ESL café
One of the most successful English language sites on the Internet (though, with a design like that, one sometimes wonders why).

Developing Teachers
Teaching tips on a wide variety of topics from current and back numbers of a monthly newsletter.

Guardian Education: TEFL
An interesting collection of news and articles on the ELT world from Britain's top newspaper website.

Internet Movie Database
Everything you could ever want to know about the movies on this fascinating site.

Language Assistant
This British Council site has lots of "tips, suggestions and teaching materials for the ELT classroom". It is really intended for largely untrained language assistants on their year abroad - but it has lots of interest for all teachers.

Linguistic Funland
A huge collection of sites of interest to English teachers from this directory.
Song lyrics to use in the classroom? This site has an amazing, fully searchable database.
Another great site if you are looking for song lyrics.
Not intended only for ELT, the purpose of the "songs for teaching" site is "using music to promote learning".

Mystery Net
Mystery stories for your students to read and work out the answers to.

You've got the video and/or DVD... here's where you get the tapescript!

Teaching English
A British Council sponsored site which has become very popular, and is definitely one of the very best. A bank of articles, downloadable classroom activities and links to other sites.

Teaching Unplugged
This IH Barcelona-hosted site "for a pedagogy of bare essentials" is home to a fascinating ELT discussion group.

A fascinating site if you are teaching teenagers (though you might want to vet the content carefully first).

Yahoo! News
Not the main Yahoo! news page, but some of the bizarre stories here are fun to do in class.