Books written by our trainers

Below you will find a selection of some of the books written by teacher trainers at IH Barcelona (names in bold).


Gerard McLoughlin, with Lynn Durrant, Núria Vidal and Ramón Ribé

iTalk An innovative, student-centred course for Bachillerato (16-18 year olds), iTalk enables students to become autonomous in their approach to language acquisition and to develop useful strategies they can apply both in the classroom and in real life.

Further information is to be found on the publisher's website | McGraw-Hill

Destrezas Integradas

David Clark and Nuria Sánchez

Destrezas Integradas A resource book for Spanish teachers, Destrezas Integradas is takes an integrated skills approach to the teaching of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

It contains 20 units on a wide variety of topics (the cinema, advertising, adventure sports, alternative medicine..), which can be worked through systematically or dipped into and used in any order.

Next Generation

Eoin Higgings with Gerard McLoughlin, Lynn Durrant and Núria Vidal

Next GenerationA two-level course for Bachillerato (16-18 year olds), combining complete preparation for Spanish university entrance exams with material that helps learners improve their English language skills for life.

Includes an extensive pronunciation syllabus, with a focus on problematic areas for Spanish speakers and practice in areas of grammar and vocabulary than can be difficult for them.

Further information on the publisher's website | CUP

Next Generation, Workbooks

Vicki Anderson with Lynn Durrant

Next GenerationMany ELT coursebooks nowadays are worked on by teams of writers, as is the case with Next Generation. Vicki wrote the workbook for this series, with the aid of Lynn, who also worked with Gerard on the student's books for the series.

With Robert Campbell, Vicki also wrote 3Sixty5, a resource book providing teachers with at least one teaching idea for each day of the year.

More about the Next Generation workbooks | CUP


Roger Hunt with Jim Lawley, Helen O'Neill and Tom Bradbury

FountainFountain is a four-level series, comprising course and activity books plus a full range of cassettes and other material, taking 11 to 15 year-olds from beginner to upper-intermediate levels.

Its approach is a learning-by-doing one, with the students working from comprehensible input to perform tasks and do mini-projects, with controlled language emerging from everyday school topics designed to motivate the learner.

Tasks include such things as drawing and describing people, telling jokes and writing quizzes, as well as cross-curricular subjects such as history, with these being looked at in a light-hearted, fun fashion.

Uncovering Grammar

Scott Thornbury

Uncovering GrammarPart 1 contains 80 thought-provoking pages that look at grammar from a refreshing variety of angles, including both how we actually use grammar and how we teach it in the classroom.

Part 2 contains a series of photocopiable worksheets designed to help make the teaching and learning of grammar a process rather than a product.

From the publisher's page: "As teachers we often talk about 'covering' grammar points. Uncovering Grammar explains why it is more useful to think about how we 'uncover' grammar, to reveal the workings of the system to our students and encourage them to notice what is going on".

Winner of the 2001 Ben Warren Prize.

How to Teach Grammar

Scott Thornbury

How to Teach GrammarBeginning with a look at what grammar is, and why we should teach it, How to Teach Grammar then goes on to look at some of the different ways in which we can do so.

Subsequent chapters deal with teaching grammar from rules, from examples and from texts, with later chapters in the book discussing how to deal with errors and how to integrate and also test grammar.

Richly illustrated with examples and sample lessons, the book is designed for teachers at the beginning of their careers but also contains much that will interest even the most experienced teacher.

Winner of the 1999 Ben Warren Prize.

More on the publisher's page | Pearson

How to Teach Vocabulary

Scott Thornbury

altWritten for all teachers of English who wish to know more about this vital subject, and to develop their classroom skills for teaching it, How to Teach Vocabulary begins with an examination of what a word is and then looks at how we acquire, store and retrieve words.

It goes on to look at how we can present vocabulary and put it into action in the classroom, as well as containing a chapter on techniques for training people to become good vocabulary learners.

Covering a wide range of other topics such as dictionaries and corpora, teaching lexical chunks and testing vocabulary, the book also contains numerous practical classroom ideas.

More on the publisher's page | Pearson

You will also find numerous articles by IH Barcelona staff in publications such as EL Gazette, ELT Journal, ET Professional, IATEFL Issues, IATEFL Special Interest Group newsletters, Modern English Teacher and The Teacher Trainer.

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