Course tutors in the Teacher Training Department


Catherine McFarlane | In addition to many years in Barcelona, Catherine has lived and worked in London, Budapest, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

She has had experience in teaching general English, business, exams, 1-to-1 and young learners and she has been involved in the Cambridge exams for many years.


Claire Tilley | Claire taught English in Taiwan, Turkey and the UK before coming to Barcelona in 2004. She has been a CELTA course tutor since 2000, in both London and Barcelona, and has worked on part time, full time and blended CELTA courses.

She is also involved in Cambridge exams both as a teacher and an examiner, and in teaching in-company classes.

It felt like a really supportive environment (especially the tutors) while going through such an intense course

Feedback from trainee on CELTA course, November 2018


Dragan Milovic | Dragan has a PGCE in Modern Languages and worked in secondary schools in London, where he taught English and Serbian for 15 years.

He has been a teacher trainer since 2011 and worked at IH London and IH Madrid before starting to work full-time at IH Barcelona in February 2015.


Emma Meade Flynn | Emma did her own CELTA and DELTA course at IH London and taught and trained there between 2006-2015.

She also worked in Korea and Saudi Arabia, as well as her native Dublin, before coming to Barcelona in 2015.

Emma teaches on both face-to-face and online CELTA courses and is also the main tutor on our trainer training course.



Fiona Price | Fiona did her DELTA course at Ealing, Hammersmith & West London College, followed by an MA in TESOL and Educational Technology.

She has taught in Iran, Turkey, Thailand, Spain and the UK and has worked as a teacher trainer in the UK, Italy, Ireland and Spain.

At IH Barcelona, you will meet her on CELTA courses.


Gabby Maguire | Gabby has been with us since 1985, teaching everything from Beginners to Proficiency, apart from being a tutor on CELTA courses and the team leader and examinations co-ordinator at the IH Cambridge Examinations centre for Catalonia.

Among the things Gabby has written, there is Communicative Activities for Target First Certificate (Richmond 2010).


Gerard McLoughlin | A tutor on CELTA and DELTA courses and a CELTA assessor, Gerard has taught and trained in many countries.

He has an MA in ELT and is President of TESOL Spain.

Gerard regularly gives talks at conferences and is a co-author of the coursebooks iTalk and Next Generation. He has also written Teacher’s Books for Outcomes.


Jane Richbell | Jane has been teaching for a long time, has been a CELTA tutor for about 20 years and a Delta tutor for over 10 years. She is a Delta and CELTA assessor and has trained up CELTA tutors and assessors.

She is a freelance teacher trainer and has taught and trained in many countries, particularly in South America, and also has given workshops and presentations there too.

The tutors were awesome. Helpful, knowledgeable, caring and totally supportive!

Feedback from trainee on DELTA course, Summer 2018


Jo Dossetor | Jo is a tutor on the CELTA course. She has extensive experience of teaching both young learners and adults, and is currently Junior Co-ordinator at the British Council YLC in Barcelona.

She has been teaching EFL since 1996, mostly in Barcelona, but also in Santiago de Chile, where she worked as an ADoS, and then DoS of a language academy.


Liz Wootton | Liz has worked at IH Barcelona since 2003, teaching everything from beginners to Proficiency to both adults and young learners.

She's a tutor on both our CELTA courses and our online courses and has also taught multicultural classes in Britain, preparing university students for their Master's course.


Natasha Valkovskaya | Natasha is a tutor on the CELTA course. She has extensive experience of teaching general and ESP English, as well as exam classes to adults since 1999, and is currently a full-time senior EFL teacher and teacher trainer at the Ural Federal University, Russia.

She has been involved in designing courses, test design and Cambridge exams. She has worked as a CELTA trainer at IH Lisbon, IH Belgrade and ILA Vietnam.


Nigel Balfour | Nigel is a tutor on our CELTA courses. He has worked in Spain, Thailand, Japan, Oman and the UK.

Aside from teaching he has been involved in teacher training, designing tailor-made courses for a range of clients such as government ministries and large coorporations and has worked as a DoS. He has also been involved in Cambridge exams for many years.


Philippa Cairncross | Philippa was born in Argentina of Scottish grandparents. She took her own CELTA (and DELTA) at IH Barcelona before becoming a teacher trainer.

She's now based in nearby Granollers and tutors on our CELTA courses in the summer.


Rachel Appleby | Rachel has lived and taught English in Hungary, Spain, Portugal and Slovakia. At IH Barcelona, she is a trainer on CELTA courses but she also trains on LCCI CertTEB (Business English) and ATE/EMI courses for the British Council for tertiary level staff.

Besides teaching adults, Rachel is co-author of OUP’s Business one:one and the new 3rd edition of International Express.

She also regularly gives talks at international conferences.

My tutors were so kind and helpful and I feel as though they helped me achieve all my aims and encouraged me a lot more than my tutors at university. I think there was an element of personal rapport which meant that I could feel comfortable asking them for help and sending them emails which is not something I did much with my university tutors (a lot of them didn't even know my name).

Feedback on CELTA course, October 2018


Roger Hunt | Roger is Head of Education at IH Barcelona and is a tutor on both CELTA and DELTA courses. He is also one of the authors of the coursebook Fountain; the author of "TKT: a Preparatory Course" (McGraw Hill).

Previously Head of Teacher Training at IH London, Roger also trains on our Director of Studies and Trainer Training courses, among others.


Sam Whiteley | Sam taught in the UK before coming to Barcelona in 1992.

After working as DoS at another Barcelona language school, he became Head of the Teacher Training Department at IH Barcelona in November 2006.

If you take a CELTA course with us, you have a session with Sam on the course in which he looks at finding working in ELT.


Scot Esposito | Scot is originally from Chicago but has lived and worked in ELT in San Francisco, Berlin and currently Barcelona.

He's a tutor on our CELTYL course and actively involved with teacher development for the Young Learners Department here at IH Barcelona.

He also regularly gives talks and workshops, and writes material for training and teaching purposes.


Scott Thornbury | The author of some of ELT's most highly-regarded books on ELT methodology, Scott is currently giving only occasional seminars on our courses in Barcelona.

He is also always one of the principal speakers at our annual ELT Conference.


Shaun Sweeney | Shaun is a tutor on our CELTA and Delta courses. He has been in ELT since 1999 and has worked in many teaching and training contexts outside of Spain - with longer stints in the UK (London), Italy (Milan) and Japan.

He is keen on professional development, is a CELTA assessor, presents at conferences including IATEFL, is following an MA in Applied Linguistics at Nottingham University, blogs and can be found on Twitter.


Simon Connolly | Simon has been teaching English for almost twenty years and has worked in Tokyo, Dublin and Barcelona. In 2010 he took his DELTA here with us at IH Barcelona.

He now divides his time between teaching English classes at various universities in Barcelona, writing materials and training new teachers on both our part-time and summer CELTA courses.


Sophie Wright | Sophie has taught in the UK, Switzerland and Barcelona, where she's lived since 2004.

She has a professional development role in our English Department, helping new teachers principally with their groups of young learners.

Since taking her own CELTA and DELTA courses at IH Barcelona, Sophie has become a tutor on Celta courses, as well as giving workshops and writing materials.


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