Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs)

Rather than telling you directly how to use an Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) in the language classroom, the purpose of this page is to provide links to sites that do.

Not all of the links below, however, necessarily relate directly to the language classroom.

We include sites likely to be of interest particularly to those starting out with an IWB (aka a Smartboard) and - as on our other links pages - do not include commercial sites unless they also offer other valuable, freely accesible content.

IWBs at IH Barcelona

On our Tech ELT Blog you will find posts on the use that we are making of interactive whiteboards in language teaching here at IH Barcelona, where we are now using eBeams in our classrooms. There are also, in Spanish, posts relating to IWBs on our Formación ELE blog, which comes from our Spanish teacher training department.

Interesting links

Interactive Whiteboard Evaluation
Teachers at Boston Spa Comprehensive volunteered to pilot whiteboard technology, despite not having had much in the way of training. Among other things it was "evaluated in terms of the learning and motivational gains of the students".

Staff and 78% of students reported improvements in motivation. All the teachers thought the IWB was effective in terms of learning gains and 11% thought it was "essential" for their learning outcome to be achieved.

Most were enthusiastic about the whiteboard and all were impressed by its ease of use.

Interactive whiteboard manufacturer Promethan not unnaturally promotes their own equipment but their site also includes lots of interesting links (many for subjects other than ELT, with the links not always specifically on using interactive whiteboards) including one to this Classminder "a digital assistant that keeps an eye on your class on those rare occasions when you have to pop out".

Now that's something you can't do with just any old whiteboard!

Incorporating the SMART Board for Smart Teaching
The excellent techlearning.com site has an interesting article (with links to others) on using the SMART Board - aka the IWB, or interactive whiteboard.

Resources for the IWB
Schoolzone, which modestly says it is "probably the UK's most used education site", has an extensive collection of resources for the IWN, including evaluations, downloadable resources and articles on such things as good practice.

Buying an Interactive Whiteboard
You want to buy your own interactive whiteboard (your DoS said the school couldn't afford it, huh?)... This techlearning.com article runs you through some of the essential considerations.

More IWB links

FutureLab.org report Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom


Other IWB links

Tech ELT Blog

You will find more on using IWBs on our Tech ELT Blog.


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