Websites for teachers of young learners

Dave's ESL Café for Kids
The one and only Dave also has a kids site - though the kids section isn't much more than a collection of links to other sites.
Particulary recommended for its activities for the very young.

The Fact Monster encyclopaedia is a good source for articles, written for kids, on the sort of things that interest them... Oh, you know, Harry Potter, that sort of thing.

Another encyclopaedia, for the older kids, those with a fairly good level of English, and particularly those interested in science.

Kids on the Net
Kids on the Net has "interactive activities, articles, illustrations, advice and collaborative online writing projects which show how the power of the computer and the Internet can open up exciting possibilities through hypertext and multimedia". Interested in writing projects? Well worth exploring.

National Geographic for Kids
The NG's kids section - again, not really intended for learners of English - is a great site if you're doing something with animals, for example.

TIME Magazine for Kids
The "news" and "homework helper" sections are particularly interesting.

Other resources
Best teacher sites - a large collection of links to sites on a wide range of subjects, by no means only English.

Crafts for Kids
Has "a variety of fun, printable children's crafts, colouring pages and more including projects for holidays, educational themes and some of our children's favourite cartoon characters" which are particularly suitable for the very young.

IATEFL Young Learners SIG
The YL SIG (Special Interest Group) has a huge collection of resources. Highly recommended.

Internet TESL Journal
A large, well-organised collection of links - and not just for teaching young learners.

Publishers' resource sites
Many ELT publishers include materials (etc) on their sites - with many coursebooks now having sites devoted to them.


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