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Language teaching jobs at IH Mataró

Why you might want to work for IH Mataró

IH Mataró is a school committed to learning, both for students and for teachers. Our slogan for customers is "We prepare you for the future" and we emphasize the need for English to "survive" in the modern world.

We believe that you, as a teacher, after the customer, are the most important person in the school and every help is given so that you are able to develop professionally, give a good performance every class and enjoy the relaxed yet bustling atmosphere in the school.

What else can we offer you?

  • Weekly paid meeting and / training sessions.
  • During your first months with us you have the opportunity to do the IH Young Learners Certificate, a qualification useful in this profession.
  • Weekly individual sessions with the Director and / or Director of Studies to help you with your work.
  • We use teaching methods based on current brain research on how students learn.
  • Interactive whiteboards are installed in all main classrooms.
  • Mataro is a seaside town – close to the Costa Brava, 30 minutes from Barcelona.
  • If you come from the UK we will help you with flights and settling in.
  • You will receive a full legal Spanish contract with transparent information about employment conditions – you must be a UK citizen and a native speaker

IMPORTANT: A big part of our business is young people, especially teenagers. Much of our in-service training is dedicated to this fact and we give you all the back up you need. Contrary to much popular belief, teaching young learners is very rewarding. We give priority giving employment to teachers with young learner experience both in TEFL and / or the state school sector in the UK.


If you are interested, send your CV, photo and covering email to Julie Byrne at

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