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Online English courses

 Two different options for you if you want to be able to learn English from the comfort of your own home (or office!)  

1 | Online group courses

Do your English classses live via videoconference. It's just as if you were with us face-to-face but without any need to travel to class.

For the classes we use the e-learning platform WebEx, which is very easy to use. Pick which of the timetables below suits you best and learn English with us from wherever you wish.

The materials you'll use are all digital, are produced by our sister company Net Languagues, and are included in the price.

3 months 6 months Start dates


  • 60 hours of engaging, self-study material
  • A wide range of additional study tools and resources
  • 18 hours of online group classes with a professional English teacher
  • 10 writing tutorials
  • €280


  • 120 hours of engaging, self-study material
  • A wide range of additional study tools and resources
  • 36 hours of online group classes with a professional English teacher
  • 10 writing tutorials
  • €520

For both course options:

  • 2 October 2017
  • 8 January 2018
  • 3 April 2018

Class times: various options according to level and region.

If you don't see the whole table, swipe left or right

Maximum number of students per class: 8

Holidays There will be no class on national and/or local holidays, or during school holidays.

The minimum number of students for a group to open is 4. If a group is cancelled, we provide a full refund of fees.


Easy and fun

If you've ever used Skype, you'll find this format real easy.


If you use Skype a lot with friends or family, you're going to love learning English this way!

Tom Walton
Encargado de soporte técnico para los cursos

What the course is like

A sample from an actual class...


You have a teacher leading the class, setting up activities to be done individually, in a small group, or with all+ the members of the class. Your teacher can listen in on all these conversation, but you will only hear those in your own small group.

You will work on your own with interactive study material. In classtime with your group and your teacher, you will then be focusing mostly on speaking.

You have access to lots of interactive material (included in the price) so that, at home, you can work as much as you wish and need to.

You will need a computer, Internet connection, microphone and webcam.


What our students say

Ideal for anyone who is a bit shy about speaking English in a classroom. When you do so on a computer, you feel much less inhibited
Mari Carmen (Barcelona)

Este tipo de clases pueden ser especialmente útiles para aquellas personas a las que les falta práctica oral, ya que buena parte de la clase se centra en eso, en el Speaking
Sara (Palma)

Puedes practicar lo que has estudiado de antemano en la web
Montse (Mataró)

The classes turned out to be a lot of fun
Rosa (Terrassa)

Muy positivo también el material didáctico con el que cuentas
Laura (Barcelona)

Al Forum pots compartir dubtes i experiències amb els altres alumnes. A més pots anar seguint la teva evolució, ja que tens una avaluació a la meitat de la unitat i una altra al final
Anna (Barcelona)

How to enrol:


Take an online level test

Test your level



We'll send your confirmation of receipt by email


Enrol and pay for the course



Make sure everything you need for the course is ready (you'll need a computer, Internet connection, microphone and webcam)



A few days before the course begins, we'll send you an email with instructions you'll need for the first class

More information

93 268 45 11


2 | Online private courses

Net Languages

Image: sample unit, level B2

If what you need is total flexibility and to be able to set your own place, an online Net Languages course provides a great solution. Your own private tutor accompanies you to ensure you get optimum results from your learning.

Course Timetable Price
Net Languages Premium course, with personal tutor No fixed timetable: you set your own pace Full course €420
Half course €230

Si no ves la tabla completa, deslízala a la izq./drcha.

Each unit of the courses is designed around a particular theme and is divided into 15 sections which include reading, vocabulary, grammar, speaking and listening, pronunciation, idioms, writing tasks and one spoken and two written tutorials.

Start dates

You can start literally whenever you want -- 365 days a year !

Further information

You can find out more about our private online courses on the Net Languages website, where you can take a demo class and a free level test.

Your own personal tutor

Communication with your own tutor: one of the things that distinguishes us from other online language schools


When they start to interact with the materials, with their classmates and their tutor, lots of people are surprised that online learning is really about people, not about computers

Peter Loveday
Head of Materials Development at Net Languages