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ECTS university credits for your intensive course

About ECTS Credits

ECTS Credits (European Credit Transfer System) are recognised by universities throughout Europe and can therefore be transferred abroad.

Nevertheless, every university has its own rules and students must be sure of the validation process for their specific university.

Level Credits Minimum study hours
A1 4 100 (80 course hours + 20 individual study hours)
A2 4 100 (80 course hours + 20 individual study hours)
B1.1 4 100 (80 course hours + 20 individual study hours)
B1.2 4 100 (80 course hours + 20 individual study hours)
C1.1 6 225 (200 course hours + 25 individual study hours)
C2 0

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Please note that the number of study hours may vary from student to student (the study hours in the table above are the minimum hours necessary for the school to issue the certificate for the corresponding level – which must be completed successfully).


€85 per certificate (regardless of the number of ECTS credits)


  • Minimum stay: 2 weeks (4 weeks for complete beginners)
  • The certificate will state the highest language level that has been fully completed, the class hours taken and the equivalent ECTS credits
  • You can obtain just one certificate at the end of your stay or every time you complete a new level
  • The certificate must be requested upon enrolment or at the beginning of the course

For late requests, you should speak to the Director of Studies.

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