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Our Spanish teachers

Spanish teacher

All our Spanish teachers hold a university degree and they have all successfully completed a rigorous training course that prepares them to teach Spanish to foreigners.

These teacher training courses combine theoretical input sessions on language acquisition and teaching methodologies and techniques, with extensive teaching practice.

At the end of each training course our teacher trainers are able to determine which course participants will be successful Spanish language teachers as they have seen the trainees working with practice students in an authentic classroom environment throughout the course.

The quality of all our teaching is guaranteed by this initial training and by the fact that we only recruit those teachers who have demonstrated their ability on the course.

Regular in-service training courses and seminars are held in the schools and these training sessions, combined with frequent visits to and from other schools, help to ensure that our teaching standards - and our reputation - are constantly upheld.

Many of our teachers regularly take part in piloting and developing new teaching materials and methods. Many of them have presented their work at conferences, contributed to publications, and written successful Spanish course books.

Accreditation for our Spanish courses