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Advising us of your travel arrangements


When you arrive (normally on the Sunday before your course begins) you should make your own way to the apartment (unless an airport transfer has been requested). We will send you the address of the apartment when your booking is confirmed.

Note: You must inform the school and the apartment owner of your travel arrangements and estimated time of arrival; this will avoid the person handing over the keys having to wait in the apartment unnecessarily -- or you having to wait on the street.

Sample letter

The following is an example of a letter/email which should be completed and sent to the host family:

Apreciada familia:

Llego a Palma el dia ..... por avión / en tren / en autocar / en coche. La hora prevista de mi llegada es a las ..... horas y espero llegar a su casa a las ..... horas aproximadamente.


..... (your name)


Dear host family,

I'll be coming to Palma on (date) ..... by plane / by train / by coach / by car. I should be arriving at (time) ..... and I expect to be at your house by..... (time).


..... (your name)

If you already speak some Spanish, you can of course give this information over the phone.

Accreditation for our Spanish courses