Speaking in Tongues radio series

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The QF system

QF Qualitat en Formació

Programme producer Andrew Henley talks to Bob Flory and Jenny Johnson about the QF System -- an accreditation scheme guaranteeing the quality of language schools in Catalonia, sponsored by Acenorc [ website ].

Bob Flory and Jenny Johnson are, respectively, the Directors of Company Training and Teacher Training at IH Barcelona

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"Speaking in Tongues" is a series of short English-language radio programmes, produced and recorded by IH Barcelona. The 25-programme series is broadcast on Saturday mornings by Radio Free Barcelona on 107.7 FM.

To listen to the recordings here on this site, you will need the latest version of Macromedia Flash Player. If the recording does not start to play automatically, go here to download the new version.

About the series

The series discusses a range of different topics relating to language, language learning and language teaching.

The programme is intended for a general public, but will of course be of special interest to language teachers and students.