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Language Variability

Spanish class

Nuria Sánchez Quintana spent a year collecting classroom data on language variability (the extent to which learners form a stable language system of their own) for her doctoral thesis, and a further year analyzing the data with computer programs.

She found remarkable similarities between two groups of students (one French, one Japanese), both learning Spanish. Her research suggests that the feeling that you have stopped making progress -- or are even getting worse -- as you learn a language, may in fact be a sign of progress...

Nuria Sánchez Quintana is a Spanish teacher trainer and materials writer, who works with UB Virtual and the University of Barcelona, as well as International House

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"Speaking in Tongues" is a series of short English-language radio programmes, produced and recorded by IH Barcelona. The 25-programme series is broadcast on Saturday mornings by Radio Free Barcelona on 107.7 FM.

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The series discusses a range of different topics relating to language, language learning and language teaching.

The programme is intended for a general public, but will of course be of special interest to language teachers and students.