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In Belfast with IH Sabadell

Neus Grau (checked shirt, front row!) tells us about her trip to Belfast with IH Sabadell...

My class in Belfast

There was only one thing that I wanted to do, have an English experience. And there was one thing that I was sure of: I had to go with an English family, to live their culture, know about them and meet different people.

Finally last summer I decided to do it. I went to Belfast, Northern Ireland. I was really surprised because when I arrived I didn't know anything about there.

I realised that, people are quite afraid of that city because ten years ago, there were some political troubles. But I must say that now is all over. I found Belfast really interesting, I realised it is a city with a lot of culture. In the same city there live two different political and religious positions, Catholics (those who want to be Irish) and Protestants (that ones that prefer British culture), they both have also different points of view about religion. 

In Belfast I was very lucky, I decided to go with a host family to live the real English pronunciation, to try to communicate with them instead of going to a residence, and find people of my country and forgetting about speaking English during the day. 

So there I lived with a young couple, they were very kind. I also meet my neighbour who was really nice with me. They showed me the city, also some of the small towns of the surroundings. The beauty of the land, all green and peaceful. I really recommend people to go with a family because they can show you some places that you will not be able to visit if you live in a residence or an apartment.  

During my English experience I had really organised days, at the morning I went to class, and during the afternoon I could choose between visiting different places of Belfast with the school, going with my classmates or just spending time with the family there.

As I said Belfast is really interesting, there are many different places to visit. One of the most interesting things to do there is going to a walk and visits all the Protestant and catholic murals; there is a lot of history in them!

Also it was in Belfast where Titanic was built, it was more or less 6 months ago when they opened the Titanic museum so wherever you go, you see lots of things about that ship. 
But what you really must do if you go to Belfast, is going to an Irish pub, there they play live music, and also there are people dancing which I found really exciting! 

I had a very good experience there; I would like to repeat it! I was really happy to live there for a month and meet that people, know so much about that country and visit all that places. I do really recommend people to go and enjoy that city as I did.

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There was one thing that I was sure of: I had to go with an English family, to live their culture, know about them, and meet different people