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Terrassa, according to Jack's Level 8 class

Terrassa is a peaceful city, located near Barcelona, Spain. Situated at the foot of the Sant Llorenç de Munt Natural Park it is surrounded by forests and mountains. It has a Mediterranean climate, which means that temperatures are not extreme and it rarely rains!

Terrassa is not a stressful place to live or visit, the people in the city are very kind and they will always help you whatever you need. The centre of the city is an interesting place where you can go shopping, visit the local market, take a walk, meet your friends or have a drink in one of the vast range of restaurants, cafes and bars!

Terrassa is a modernist city that will delight you with its architectural style. The buildings were built in the 19th century because of the industrial revolution, when the city was a centre of the textile industry. Some examples of those buildings include Vapor Aymerich Amat i Jover (now the mNACTEC Museu de la Ciència i Tècnica de Catalunya), Farmacia Albinyana, Casa Alegre de Sagrera and the wonderful Masia Freixa [ photos ] in the heart of the Parc St. Jordi whose organic lines give the impression it was extracted from a science fiction film.

Terrassa is famous for human towers called castellers (see video, above). In fact, there are two colles (teams): Minyons de Terrassa and Castellers de Terrassa, and once a year they perform in Plaça Vella in a very big and popular party.

Terrassa is also important for its International Jazz festival which takes place in March. This is one of the most important jazz festivals in the country. During this you can enjoy several concerts around the city including an outdoor picnic in Vallparadís Park. During the rest of the year there are plenty of other cultural activities like concerts (Jazz Cava, Faktoria d'arts), theatre plays (teatre alegría, sala crespi…), and other events in the cultural centre.

And if you run out of ideas you'll always find a good pub on La Rasa, the street IH Terrassa is on!