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The Ben Warren-International House Trust Prize

The 2017 Ben Warren Prize

The winner of the 2017 prize, Michele Daloiso's Supporting Learners with Dyslexia, was announced on February 10th 2018 at International House Barcelona's annual English Language Teaching Conference.

The Ben Warren-International House Trust Prize —a £2,000 cash prize— is awarded on a biennial basis to the author or authors of the most outstanding work in the field of language teacher education...


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Shortlist for 2017 Ben Warren Prize

Exploring Psychology

2017 Supporting Learners with Dyslexia. Michele Daloiso (Oxford)

About the Trust

The Ben Warren-International House Trust was set up as a memorial to the life and work of Ben Warren.

Ben was one of the key figures in the growth and development of International House, one of the world's leading language teaching organisations | Read more...

Previous winners

Shown below are the previous six winners of the prize. See all previous winners

Exploring Psychology

2015 Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching. Marion Williams, Sarah Mercer and Stephen Ryan (OUP)

Teaching Young Learners English

2013 Teaching Young Learners English. Joan Kang Shin and JoAnn Crandall (Cengage)

Classroom Management Techniques

2012 Classroom Management Techniques. Jim Scrivener (Cambridge University Press)

Essential Teacher Knowledge

2011 Essential Teacher Knowledge. Jeremy Harmer (Pearson)

Translation in Language Teaching

2010 Translation in Language Teaching. Guy Cook (OUP)

The Psychology of SLA

2009 The Psychology of Second Language Acquisition. Zoltán Dörnyei (OUP)

Submission of entries

To submit an entry for the Ben Warren Trust Prize, please complete the application form, and send it to the two addresses given on the form, together with three copies of your work, by 31st December.

Please note:
Entries for the 2017 Prize must be copyright dated 2016 or 2017.

Entries may be submitted in manuscript form.

Deadline for entry, 2017 Prize
The final date for entry for the 2017 Prize is 31st December 2017.

All correspondence concerning the Ben Warren Trust should be addressed to:

The Board of Trustees
c/o International House Barcelona
Trafalgar 14
08010 Barcelona


The criteria for choosing the winner of the Ben Warren Trust Prize are as outlined below.

The winning entry should:

  • Be relevant — to practising ELT teachers, not just academics
  • Be original — break new ground and not simply refry old, familiar ideas
  • Be inspirational — teachers should want to rush out and experiment with some of the ideas suggested
  • Be well-written — intelligible, coherent, a good read
  • Be consistent with the core values of International House