Ben Warren Prize: Shortlist 2003

The shortlisted books for the 2003 prize are as follows (in alphabetical order of title):

Assessing Young Learners

Sophie Ioannou-Georgiou and Pavlos Pavlou

This is a book which comes straight from the classroom with Ioannou-Georgiou and Pavkou's clearly very extensive experience in this field leaping from every page. The range of testing types is extremely wide and includes behavioural and social skills, attitudes to learning and self-assessment by young learners as well as the more traditional tests of the four skills and language use. This is also a very teacher friendly book with a wealth of ideas and materials for use in the classroom and it considerably widens the scope of pertinent factors in the teaching of young learners with which teachers need to be familiar and able to evaluate in a principled manner.

How to Teach Writing

Winner Details

Jeremy Harmer

Again a very comprehensive book which ranges widely from very large issues in the writing skill such as genre analysis to smaller matters such as spelling rules and the use of punctuation. Harmer also addresses literacy skills including the formation of letters and the construction of words and spelling relationships with sounds. This is a key text for anyone working in the fields of both teacher training and teaching and is full of practical ideas which even inexperienced trainers and teachers could implement with ease.

Task-based Language Learning and Teaching

Rod Ellis

This is without doubt the most comprehensive research on TBL to date. Ellis makes many major connections between TBL and Second Language Acquisition. The book is full of the insights and perceptions for which Ellis is well noted, and these are fully backed up by quality classroom research. The fact that the bibliography Ellis provides covers 23 pages will give you some idea of the attention to detail and thoroughness of this major book on the topic.