The Ben Warren Prize : Shortlist 2015

The shortlist for the 2015 prize is for books published in 2014 or 2015.

The winner was announced on 6th February 2016, at International House Barcelona's annual ELT Conference.

Teaching Young Learners EnglishBringing online video into the classroom

Jamie Keddie

"A practical guide exploring principles, techniques and ideas for teaching English with video, equipping you to use video creatively in your classroom. Written for teachers of young learners and teenagers, teacher trainers and materials designers, [it] explores principles, techniques and practical ideas for teaching English with video. Includes suggestions for using and creating online video in the language classroom."

OUP 2014 | Publisher's page


Teaching Young Learners EnglishExploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching

Marion Williams, Sarah Mercer and Stephen Ryan

"This book explores key areas of educational and social psychology and considers their relevance to language teaching, using activities and questions for reflection. Issues discussed include learners' and teachers' beliefs about how a subject should be learned and taught, relationships with others, and the role of emotions in learning."

OUP 2015 | Publisher's page

Teaching Young Learners EnglishKey Issues in Language Teaching

Jack C Richards

"A comprehensive and extensively researched overview of key issues in language teaching today. This essential text (---) surveys a broad range of core topics that are essential in understanding contemporary approaches to teaching English as a second or international language, and which form the content of many professional development courses for language teachers. A wide range of issues is examined, including a consideration of the nature of English in the world, the way the English teaching profession works, the development of teaching methods, the nature of classroom teaching, teaching the four skills, teaching the language system, and elements of a language program."

CUP 2015 | Publisher's page

Teaching Young Learners EnglishLanguage Leaning with Digital Video

Ben Goldstein and Paul Driver

A book "for teachers who are interested in using a range of video in the language classroom, from documentaries to You Tube clips and learner-generated material. The book contains a wide variety of generic, easy-to-use practical activities as well as a number of ready-made worksheets for specific video clips. Activities require minimal preparation and use is made of digital tools where appropriate. Activities are suitable for a range of ages and levels and for both the experienced and less experienced teacher. There is also a useful list of sources, from which teachers can access a wide range of video clips, as well as a bank of technical tips and advice."

CUP 2014 | Publisher's page