The Ben Warren Prize: Winner 2005

The Experience of Language Teaching The Experience of Language Teaching

Rose Senior
Cambridge University Press


  • Establishing a framework for the book
  • Training to be a language teacher
  • Becoming a committed language teacher
  • Establishing the learning environment
  • The diversity of the language classroom
  • Managing individuals
  • Teaching flexibly
  • Vitalising the language class
  • Maintaining the classroom community
  • Frustrations and rewards
  • What drives language teachers
  • Towards a teacher-generated theory of classroom practice

ISBN-10: 0521612314

Rose Senior Rose Senior (right) comments: "I feel honoured to be the recipient of this year's Ben Warren Prize, and will do my best to honour the memory of Ben and his quest to promote high quality language teaching.

"I've dedicated 'The Experience of Language Teaching' to language teachers everywhere. I believe the book presents a detailed, realistic and readable account of the wide variety of teaching and interpersonal skills that language teachers use during the course of their daily teaching.

"I hope that all language teachers will be able to identify with the thoughts, feelings and insights of the many teachers who contributed to the book."