The Ben Warren Prize: Winner 2006

Dealing with Difficulties

Solutions, strategies and suggestions for successful teaching

Dealing with Difficulties

Lindsay Clandfield and Luke Prodromou
DELTA Publishing

Contents include:

  • Large classes and classroom management (Managing big numbers; Starting right; Handling latecomers...)
  • Discipline problems (Rules and regulations; Raising awareness; Building good behaviour...)
  • Mixed-level classes (Different level, different task; Extending tasks; Catering for learner styles...)
  • Homework (Valuing homework; Linking homework to classwork; Correcting homework...)
  • Teaching exam classes (Tips and techniques; Teaching not testing; Testing without tears...)
  • Professional development


Lindsay ClandfieldLindsay Clandfield (right) comments: It's a great pleasure to receive this year's Ben Warren Prize, and I'd like to thank the Ben Warren Foundation and International House for this honour. Discipline problems, mixed ability teaching and what to do when students make life difficult are problems for many language teachers.

We hope that our book helps teachers cope with these problems with renewed confidence. This book is for all the times I nearly gave up teaching out of sheer frustration, but kept at it nevertheless.

Things can get better!

Luke ProdromouLuke Prodromou (right) adds: I know we have just touched the tip of the iceberg in dealing with the difficulties of the real classroom world, but we hope it's a start and will encourage colleagues to research their own solutions. Activating the teacher in solving her own problems is, in the long run, the best way to deal with classroom difficulties.

Thanks for the prize and it will encourage me to do even better next time.


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